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Thread: ...still losing on P3...and eating like crazy....

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    That is awesome! I have been really scared of getting off of P2 because I still want to lose more.

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    Spice, are you in P4 yet? If so, how are you doing with it?

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    mini: started P4 today...and I think it's going to be ok. Every time I've had a small gain, I've been able to track down a cause. Since it's my first P4, I'm going to take it easy on adding stuff in.

    Hope you have a smooth and easy P4...

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    Hi everyone,

    Today is my last day on HHCG drops in P2, will continue VLCD until Saturday. This is my first round, so I'm nervous about the next phase and trying to make sure I understand what to eat in p3. Can I eat anything except sugar and carbs for the next three weeks in P3? Sometimes I see posts with carbs when people are in p3 so I'm confused.


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    Sugar and Starch, Mattie - not carbs. Those aren't exactly the same, but it's a good guideline. In p3 there are lots of awesome things to eat and you'll just have to figure out which of those things - if any - are hard for your body to handle. For me, there wasn't a whole heck of a lot that made me gain. I'm still 4 lbs under LIW and I like it that way.

    Here's an awesome P3 cookbook I found that got the Okeydokey from the "elders" but you need to watch some of the recipes that have starches in them that someone obviously overlooked. http://www.4hcgsuccess.com/images/53...%20updated.pdf

    Be careful of calories too...just because you can eat cheese doesn't mean you can eat as much as you want. LOL!!! I say that because I would have back in the day...

    Other than that, as a friend of mine says, "be kind to yourself" and eat what makes sense. Good luck, my friend!!!

    Started R1/P2 on 8-30-10, P3 10-8-10
    Started R2/P2 load on 12-31-10
    Started R2/P3 on 2/11/11 YAY!!!
    Started R3/P2 on 3/26/11
    Half way there!!!!!!

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