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Thread: I can never maintain on P4

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    I can never maintain on P4

    Ok, so I have done hCG in the past, and I can easily manage P1, P2, and P3. I dont cheat on the diet, and usually do like 250 calories per day for 30 days per round. I lose like 32lbs per round, so I can lose 100lbs in 1 year. The problem is that when I stop, its IMPOSSIBLE for me to maintain my final weight. I have read the original manuscript multiple times, as well as other trusted sources. No matter what I do, I always gain. I have even done like 800 calories and only ate salad and a little chicken protein, and I still gain. I have also tried eating like 2k calories as well, and same result. I gain like 4lbs per week, until I am back at my starting weight.

    I know there are recommendations that I would be allergic to foods that make me gain, however, that would mean that I am allergic to everything, lol. That approach isn't a viable solution for me.

    I worked with a nutritionist a little, and they said that a problem with the hCG diet is that it minimizes your metabolism so much, that its difficult for your body to have any metabolism once you go back to actually eating food. Your body becomes so accustomed to such a low caloric intake, that its very difficult to rebuild your metabolism.

    Anyway, what could a better solution be to maintaining after significant weight loss on hCG? I want to do another year worth, and drop 100lbs, which I am confident I can do, however, I need a better solution to maintain. Is continuing a round of hCG every 4 months or so viable in order to maintain?

    hCG is the only thing that has actually been effective. I did Keto recently, and lost like 20lbs, but even though I strictly adhere to the protocol, I don't really lose on it anymore.

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    HCG does not slow down your metabolism if done correctly. In fact, it increases it. Most people find that they can eat more calories without gaining after HCG than they could before. So either something went wrong in your process, or there is an underlying issue you haven't discovered yet.

    The first thing I notice in your account is that you weren't eating enough in P2. The HCG diet allows 500 calories a day, split in to 2 or more meals. And while you can eliminate a menu item here and there because you feel too full to eat it at that meal, it works best when you eat close to the 500 calorie limit.

    In P3, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not eating enough. There are a lot of voices urging slowly ramping up calories in P3 and even continuing the P2 diet "plus a little extra". Neither of these are a part of the protocol. And following those ideas can mess you up after P3 is over, even if the P3 has seemed to be successful.

    Your report about halving your calories in P2 makes me wonder if you restricted calories somehow in P3.

    Keto is not a good long term plan for women, as we need healthy carbs to feed our thyroid and keep hormonal balance. Your experience with it is pretty normal in that it works for a while and then you stop losing no matter how perfectly you do it. Men seem to be able to handle it long-term better than women.

    There are three different maintenance plans that keep your metabolism burning while allowing you to eat a normal amount. I've outlined them in this blog post: https://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforum...ategies-21546/ You may find that one of them will work for you once you are in P4 territory again.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I will do some more research / homework, and start planning my next hCG round.


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