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Thread: Mess up in the beginning? You CAN recover - steak day & protien works!

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    Red face Mess up in the beginning? You CAN recover - steak day & protien works!

    Hi all,

    Just thought I'd share my experience in the event it helps someone else. I started P3 7 days ago. It was a Friday, we had friends in town for the weekend, went out to eat, etc etc. I stuck to all P3 foods but I added in everything all at once, drank several glasses of wine, and had a cheese sauce that probably had flour or cornstarch in it (hindsight!!). I woke up Saturday 2 lbs over LDW but just couldn't bring myself to do the steak day with friends in town and a dinner out. Sunday, I was 2 lbs more over, but we were going to brunch and I just couldn't deal with not eating, so instead of sucking it up like a grown up, I told myself it was water retention and all would be fine. Long story short, by Monday morning I was NINE pounds over LDW.

    Monday I got myself together and did a steak day. I had coffee with fat free creamer, went for a run and had a "shake" made from 1 scoop EAS protein powder and water, and of course the 9 oz steak and giant tomato for dinner. I cooked my steak in butter and I added olive oil to my tomato.

    Tuesday morning - down 5 lbs! But still 4 lbs over LDW.

    Tuesday I did a high protein day. I basically ate protien, fats and P2 veggies. I did not count calories, but I did calculate Weight Watcher points (I've always used this method in the past) and I ate 48 points! That is probably around 2200 calories.

    Here's a sampling of what I ate - half and half, protein powder mixed with unsweet coconut milk, deviled egg, bacon, ranch dressing, chicken, buffalo style wing sauce, Lebanese style whipped garlic and an assortment of veggies.

    Wednesday morning - down only .2, so still 3.8 over LDW. Wasn't thrilled, but I could live with that, figuring I'd be back to LDW in a week or so. Did the exact same type of eating on Wednesday. 52 points!

    Pleased to report that this morning, I was down -3.8 and SPOT on LDW. I'd already packed up my lunch for today so I'm doing another high protien day but will add one piece of fruit to see how that goes.

    Since Monday I have not added back cheese, nuts, fruits, alcohol. Now I will add them back one at a time. I'd love to be 2 lbs under LDW so I have a cushion.

    Just wanted to share this story - I've seen a lot of HELP!! posts here lately. Hang in there and know that it is possible to recover if you go into P3 like a wild woman/man!!

    Best of luck to all!

    Age: 39
    LDW 168
    Round 1 lost 32 lbs (35 days)
    P3 Starts June 3!

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    haha. this is just what i needed to hear. I woke up 1 week into p3 7 lbs over liw! OK, here I go...
    R1 - Lost 30 lbs & 24 inches (43 day round)
    R2 - Lost 27 lbs and 19 inches (43 day round)
    R3 - Lost 18 lbs and 12 inches (30 day round)
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    I did a high protein day. I basically ate protien, fats and P2 veggies. I did not count calories

    That's exactly how I eat to lose.

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    encouraging post! P3 was impossible for me the last round. Thank you for sharing.


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