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Thread: Mid April move to Phase 3! Who's with me?!

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    Turns out it very possibly could be the Jay Robb Protein product doing this to me. DAngit, and I just had one this morning, and up the scale went again.
    Here we go again.
    48 years old. 5'8 athletic build.
    P2W1- down 6.0 Ish pounds. Hurricane hindered weigh-ins.
    End of Week One weight : 157.8
    P2W2- down 4.4
    End of Week Two weight: 153.4
    P2W3- down 2.4
    End of Week weight: 151.0

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    Stacylou: Thank you....thank you...thank you!!!! Your words were so encouraging for me! I do need to step out of my comfort zone a bit and explore different foods...definitely!!! You have definitely inspired me!!!! I have found that ranch dressing is not my friend either, but I have several good dressing recipes that don't have sugar in them that I am thinking of trying. Almonds are iffy for me...I tried them last night and was ok this morning, though. Eggs I gain on, but maybe that's cause I ate too many at first! I have been eating Bob Evans already cooked breakfast sausage. It has no sugar and tastes yummy, so I have that for breakfast with my fruit smoothies (only berries and pineapple with whey protein). I'm finding that IF works good for me, that can be incorporated in my trying new foods, as well...if I gain alot, then, like you a steak day (for me I do 2 chicken breasts...beef just lays in my stomach!) or an IF.

    Thanks so much for your advice! I think I may be ready to take the plunge!!!!

    Load Days: Feb. 16 & 17th
    Start Date: Feb. 18th


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    oh yeah experiment and see what works for u. then come back and talk about it so others can try ur ideas to see if they work for them too. all of the ladies and gents on here r so full of knowledge and experience, so read read read and gather info about what to do and not do.
    R3 Hucog inj
    post load 144.0
    VLC Week 1 (-7.4)
    VLC Week 2 (-3.6)
    VLC Week 3 (-1.6)
    Day 22 131.0 (-0.4)
    Day 23 130.6 (-0.4)

    P3 Day 1 130.0 (-0.6)
    2 131.2 (+1.2)
    3 132.2 (+1.0)
    4 131.8 (-0.4)
    5 131.8 (0.0)
    6 132.4 (+0.6)
    7 131.8 (-0.6)
    8 131.4 (-0.4)
    9 130.8 (-0.6)
    10 130.6 (-0.2)
    11 132.0 (+1.4)
    12 131.8 (-0.2)
    13 132.0 (+0.2)
    14 131.4 (-0.6)
    15 131.0 (-0.4)
    16 130.0 (-1.0)
    17 130.2 (+0.2)
    18 129.8 (-0.4)
    19 131.0 (+1.2)
    20 131.0 (0.0)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladycop79 View Post
    Biggest- ha! I ate avocado and tuna at work yesterday and got some wierd looks too! I only have fff so I just add cream to it to fatten it up. I was looking at your stats and we are very similar. I was 200 post load and LDW was 175.6. I would like to lose 20-25 more. I am 5'8- you? I don't think I could go lower than 150. Nor do I think I want to. I like my curves just not as many as I had 25 lbs ago!
    I'd probably be happy at 146, I was at that weight for a while but I wanted to lose at least 10 lbs then which is why my goal is 135. I'm 5'6, medium/large frame. I know what you mean about your curves! I don't want to be super skinny, but I do want to be comfortable with myself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stacylou View Post
    woot. back down .8 so the mexican dinner was not a total disaster. back to where i was before i ever ate it! yay.
    Yeah!!!!!!! I love Mexican food! I hope I do as well as you with all the carbs! I think that's my biggest downfall. But, I guess we'll see how my body's changed after the diet!

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    ELW- sorry to hear you're still having problems! I hope you had a better day today! Have you tried adding more fat to your diet as a poster suggested? I also read somewhere else on the forum about a lady who was having lots of troubles and she added CO to her coffee & it helped stable her. Sounds gross, but she said you couldn't tell the difference. Since you're ok on P2 foods, why don't you try sauteing some cabbage w/ CO? Can you mix veggies? Try sauteing all your veggies in CO, maybe?

    Today I had a confusing morning- I went down to 171.2. I really don't like jumping all around the scale, even though I know it's normal. I ate the same thing as yesterday, except for dinner I had fish fried in CO. I have only eaten 2034 calories, so I probably need to eat a piece or two of cocoa crack since I've been eating 2300-2400. When I look at my daily food lists, I haven't really eaten that much, but it's all of the full fat stuff we're eating now that makes it so easy to add the calories in. It's just a weird experience for me in general, as I NEVER would've used HWC at 50 calories a tbsp in my coffee before. I've always used the fake creamer w/ 10 calories per serving, thinking it was healthier for me. Who knew??? Now I know that stuff is poison.

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    Um...I have a good problem!? I keep dropping now and was .6 below LDW this morning! While I like that, will going below my 2 lb limit hurt my stabilization in P4? I am eating super high fat and I still struggle to get my cals over 1500 (on a good day). it is my ovulation time of the month, while I know is when our bodies slim the most so maybe it won't stick around? As long as I am not hurting stabilization, I won't complain!

    I can't believe it's Friday!

    PW- welcome! And you go girl and try new things!

    Biggest- maybe I will drop my weight when I get there. But I want to be somewhere where it is fairly easy to maintain. It seems that the lower people go, the harder they struggle. I haven't seen lower than a size 8 since 9th grade, mostly because of the shape of my hips, so we will see!

    I am going to add almonds today!

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    Up a lb after I had a Jay Robb shake yesterday. It's actually better than what I thought was going to happen, after seeing the scale at 143 last night. Which was an all time nighttime high. So I'm doing a protein day today, but I AM having cream in my coffee. It's time to just get on with things.

    So no no more Jay Robb. Which sucks because sometimes I don't have time to cook MEAT.
    And I think my body wants to settle in the 139's. Kinda bummed, I didn't want to see any 140s anywhere ever.

    ANyway. We went and had a nice French meal with snails and mussels dripping in butter and garlic last night along with a shared bottle of wine. Then had a huge plate of cheese fore dessert with sliced pear. YEA.

    Good luck everyone.
    Here we go again.
    48 years old. 5'8 athletic build.
    P2W1- down 6.0 Ish pounds. Hurricane hindered weigh-ins.
    End of Week One weight : 157.8
    P2W2- down 4.4
    End of Week Two weight: 153.4
    P2W3- down 2.4
    End of Week weight: 151.0

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    Blonde- I think I was also having issues with the Jay Robb. Grammy told me to cut it out. I miss it It was my go-to breakfast since I can't do eggs or other dairy and meat in the morning is not always so appealing. Perhaps after you stabilize you can go back to it? That's what I'm hoping.

    ladycop- jealous that you are dropping weight! way to go!

    biggestloser- sounds like we are about the same height/build and i'm right around 145-147. i'm pretty happy with this size, and will be happier after i have some "work" done to get rid of extra skin around my abdomen. right now i wear anywhere from a size 8 to a size 12, and i feel like after i get rid of the skin i'll be comfortably in an 8, which is perfect for me. i will never be super skinny and im okay with that. i like that i have curves, just don't want fat ones!

    AFM- kind of messed up my steak day yesterday and had some cocoa crack that was sitting in the freezer, but still lost a pound or so. going to try to eat "clean" today. grammy told me to cut out the HWC for a week and see how i do, so I will try it. i guess no more coffee for me, the only time i even attempt to drink it black is on P2 haha.
    One day at a time
    HCG isn't a diet, its a lifestyle!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrosef View Post
    Today is my last day on hcg, so 4 more days till P3. I had a question though. We're supposed to avoid sugar and starches. Does that mean avoiding all carbohydrates? There's carbohydrates in sauces, fruits, and veggies. Should I only be concerned about avoiding obvious starches like bread, flour, rice, corn, etc? Has anyone tried eating "fake" bread made out of protein or almond flour while on P3? As far as sugars, it's really hard to find a dressing that doesn't have a little sugar! I may have to use my light dressing, even though it still has 4g of sugar. Thanks for the info and support
    Yes, avoid all sugar and starch still! I posted my first 2 days earlier in this thread. Word of advice.... up your calories slowly. My first day was still under 800, the next was under 1000, and the next was still under 1100. I am on Day 6 and I finally made it to 1400. I haven't eaten a salad since I started P2 and don't regret it.

    Keep the water high, eat on the outside edges of the grocery store (produce/meat/dairy). I mostly doubled my meat to 6oz 2x's per day, cooked it in oil or butter, increased the variety of veggies, cut out the fruit for the first 4 days, and added a whey protein with unsweetened coconut milk for breakfast starting day one. If you love coffee, half and half is heavenly, too. Keep in mind the way you used to eat landed you here. Try to sway out to organic when you can. It may be slightly more expensive, but the health risks down the road will be way more expensive!
    A couple of products/new things I really enjoy:
    Spectrum Light Canola Mayo (there is no sugar, found in the healthy part of the store) I use in tuna or mix with spicy mayo for a burger.
    Kale Chips- Pre-cut kale shaken with olive oil and sea salt, roasted for 20min @ 300 degees
    Whey Protein (Sweetened with Stevia only)- I use wegmans brand with So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk
    Justin's almond butter- added today. We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

    I was scared out of my mind to start P3. The best thing I ever read was that while on hCG your body uses 500 calories that you put in your mouth and 1500 fat stored calories to sustain. Once the hCG is no longer in your body you need to put 2000(ish) calories in your mouth to sustain your weight.

    I hope this helps. Sorry if I bounced around a bit.

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