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Thread: Natural Sugars vs. Added Sugars

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    I am also goijg to be in P3 4th of july but my first day is July 1st. I am just ready. Its been a long haul for me.
    R1 Start wgt/ load: 205.0/208.8
    R1 LIW: 169.0/168.8 Stabilized 167.4
    R2 Load 1: 168.4/172.6
    R2 LIW 157.4 Stabilized (156.8-159.0)
    R3 Load 165.2/165.6
    R3 wk 3: almost done: Normal BMI!!!
    R3 LIW: 152.2 weight Today: 152.8 P3 day 3
    ******** 1.6 pounds left to GOAL*************

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    May 2011
    San Diego, ca
    r1/p2/hhcg spray
    Thanks for all the great thoughts on p3. I don't know I buy into the blood type diet, although, there may be some good thoughts as coincidental, but I also am doing p3 next week, but Saturday the 9th is my first day of p3. Good luck, and thanks again!

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