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Thread: Nutritional Tracker?

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    Nutritional Tracker?

    I noticed that several people mentioned entering their food into an online nutritional tracker to find out calories and carbs. What is a good/easy one to use? For P3, what do I need to track? I know calories should be around 1500 to 2000 but what about carbs/sugars/proteins? Thanks

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    I use livestrong.com I try to watch the carbs, mostly... I'm not sure what else to watch for to be honest, since we can have lots of fats and protein, provided they don't cause gains.

    Good luck!

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    I use weightwatchers.com. I like it becuase it has set targets (2 fruits, 3 veggies, 8 glasses of water, etc...) that you should hit each day. When I hit the targets and stay in either no carb or low carb mode, depending on phase, all is good with my weight. It is not free - $15.00 a month, but keeping off the lbs I've lost is worth the cost to me
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    I also use the livestrong.com app. I like it because it figures your calories, protiens, fats etc out for you. You can also track your weight and measurements there too. when you have a gain you can look back and see what you did diffrently and correct right away
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    I use my fitness pal it is Free and you can track and customize your calories and fats and protein
    I am not sure if it is correct or not but I think I have mine set right now for P3 at 40% Protein 40% fat and 20% Carbs at 1800 Calories
    If I am wrong on that I will check back tomorrow and tell you what I have mine set at...
    I like my fitness pal cause it has in its data base most of the brand names on the grocery store shelf
    Is so much easier to have the brand name of the product you have eaten show up on your food datta base
    Good luck

    Created by MyFitnessPal.com - Nutrition Facts For Foods
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    What is fitness pal dude, is it some sort of application or something else. Well, if its
    an application; then there must be an andriod version for my HTC desire.
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    There's one that's something like a $25 fee per year (and there may be coupons around) called CalorieKing.com ... it is the ONLY one I've found that has many actual brand and actual restaurant nutrition counts and an easy-to-use diary. Their breadth of foods in the database is so worth it.

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    How do you set my fitness pal nutritional data such as fats 40%, proteins 40%, and carbs 20 %? Thanks!


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