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Thread: Ok beverages on P3?

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    Ok beverages on P3?

    I know water, tea, coffee. What about diet cokes? Anyone had experience with diet drinks and done ok?

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    Well...I guess you technically could. But should is another story...they are really bad for you. If you completed P2 and stopped drinking soda, why start again now?

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    I guess you are right!

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    I was into coke zero something fierce, even stayed on there beginning of P2. Then stopped for 3 weeks, had half a bottle a week ago... and seriously, I was in pain afterwards.

    I love it while drinking it, but apparently not afterwards. Now I just gotta remember that the next time I am tempted.

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    I drank Diet Dr. Pepper all through Phase2 with ZERO issues.

    On vacation this week in Florida I had to drink Coke ZERO because they didn't have an DP at Disney World.

    I am in Phase3 now and still no issues with either.....

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    VLCD1-41 (267.2 LDW: 236.0)

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    P4 - Week 1: (LDW: 236.0 TW:237)

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    I know it's not good for you but in both phase 2 & phase 3 when I want something sweet & "filling" I have a diet rootbeer. Never caused an issue for me.


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