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Thread: P3 Correction day confusion

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    P3 Correction day confusion

    I have done the Chicken thigh correction day twice, and have lost 1 lb or more each different time, but most of the weight comes back the next day. I have read the corection day parts 1-7, and followed it for the most part, but the weight still comes back. How can I maintain my loss? No carbs after the CD so I dont know how to get off of this up & down pattern. Im still 3 lbs over LIW and would love to get back down--Any thoughts?

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    If you can't figure out why you keep needing correction days, it may be time to raise your LIW to to number your body seems to want to land. I have never found any formula that locks in a correction day loss. About all you can do is spend a couple days without any iffy foods and hope for the best.
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