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Thread: P3- Day 1 hunger level

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    P3- Day 1 hunger level


    I just want to report that its 4;48pm and I have had a robust appetite all day. I just wanted to know if this was normal? I dont want to overeat, but I hear that Im suppose to eat when im hungry. For breakfast, I had 3 medium sized drumsticks air fried, Lunch 2 drum sticks with a 1 cup of salad with tomatoes and my homemade greek dressing, then about 2 hrs later I had about 1.5 cup of the same salad, and its almost 5pm and Im getting hungry again. IM sticking to the CHicken & salad bc I was eating this in P2 mainly and just increased my portion; I only ate the chicken breast in P2, but now in P3 Im eating drumsticks for now. I hope I dont see a crazy gain tomorrow, but I dont want to eat too much more today, any thoughts?

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    Branch out. You dont have to stick with P2 food choices. Any low glycemic veggie is great and mix as many together as you want.

    Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are satisfied. I would be hungry too if all I had between lunch at 5pm was a cup and a half of salad.

    I know it feels like you are eating a lot, but if you added up your calories, it would be pretty low still. I find it helps get calories up to concentrate on fatty meats and coconut oil candy, because they are lots of calories with very little volume.

    Follow your hunger. Its not unusual to be hungry right away in P3. Its just that you might have to eat more often because your capacity will be low for a couple of days.
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    Thanks, I needed to hear that! I'm going to try different veggies tomorrow.


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