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Thread: P3 hiking - wilderness food

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    P3 hiking - wilderness food

    I'm in the beginning of week 2 of P3 and my husband finally got vacation time. 80% of each day over the next week we are going to be outdoors with no access to grocery stores or restaurants. I've been seriously sedentary through P2 as well. I'm trying to shop for food that I can take in a backpack and it seems almost impossible!

    Does anyone have suggestions of what in the world I can pack?! So far apples are the obvious choice but I need protein and food or else I get weak. I was looking at dried fruit, beef jerky etc at the store and the sodium and sugars are frightening to say the least! So far I have a couple slim Jim's, a bag of pistachios, a bag of sunflower seeds and some green apples. I don't want to bring eggs or baked chicken because it's hot out and that just seems disgusting. If anyone has suggestions on what to eat without messing up my stabilization I would so very much appreciate it! Thank you!

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    I was going to ask what is your husband going to eat?

    I know for myself I would definitely be having a cooler or something nearby, even to keep drinks or water cold. Peoples Choice have better options for jerky, but think that's all online ordering. With a cooler at least you could pack some food along. Even just those lunch bag coolers would work. I always would freeze my meat , and then take it along. It would be thawed by the time I was ready to eat.

    Sorry not much help, but good Luck and Enjoy your holiday

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    If you look online, there are recipes for low carb granola, trail mix, and protein bars - all of which would be great for hiking!

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    Thank you both! We will both eat at a restaurant in the morn and eve - my husband eats things I crave (lol) like chicken fried steak, mash potatoes, w gravy all over....he us very hard to eat with but I maintain my composure so we will eat bfast early at like 6 but we will be gone until that restaurant dinner at about 7ish... the in between times is what I was having a hard time with.

    I absolutely love the cooler idea! Duh! And thank you! Also, I obviously need to look up these no sugar low carb granola, trail mix or protein bars...that sounds so satisfying and I thought there was no way to do this grain free... I will definitely be looking it up in the morning! Thanks again to both of you

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    Here's my favorite recipe for low carb granola:


    Don't be afraid to add the ACVinegar....I think it's key to the amazing flavor.

    You can leave out the oats, or replace them with pumpkin seeds. I like to add some McCormacks Vanilla & Butternut flavoring when mixing it up. It takes it to a whole new level.
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