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Thread: Peanut butter on P3?

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    Peanut butter on P3?

    As I recall someone told me no PB on Phase 3.
    Is that correct(Adams no sugar added)? If so almond butter is ok right?

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    Peanut butter is actually a very poor food, unfortunately. The fat is not a good fat , and the carbs are high. There are other nut butters that are better if you are into nut butters. Almond butter is better for sure, but don't dive into it immediately. Nuts in general tend to cause problems in p3. I'd wait until at least week 2 of p3 to try it....and then watch your weight. I gained over 2 pounds in a prior p3 from eating 6 almonds.....so I avoid all nuts in p3 now.
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    Some people eat peanut butter in P3, but it's not protocol. Peanuts are actually legumes. I would try something like almond butter first, but start slowly to see if you have an allergy to it.
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