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Thread: Ph. 3 Vigorous Exercisers: Exercise Water Retention and Food Sensitivity Testing?

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    Question Ph. 3 Vigorous Exercisers: Exercise Water Retention and Food Sensitivity Testing?

    Hi Everyone. This is kind of a long one... I've completed several rounds of HCG over the past 3 years, losing about 70lbs of fat. Some Phase 3's are better than others for me. This round I'm being very diligent and cautious to make sure I stabilize well and within the 3ish week period. Unfortunately, the first week of this Phase 3 brought with it TOM and water retention. I did my best to mitigate that water retention when adding food and looking for sensitivity/water weight gain on the scale. I think I cleared just about everything I added during that time except eggs, which I'll try again later on. I kind of paid attention to not only the scale but how my body felt with a food, i.e. gas, bloating, etc. It's hard when you gain 2+ pounds in a day, then another .4 and .6 for the next day or two due to TOM and you are also trying to see if a new food shows on the scale. Eventually the water came off but it was frustrating not knowing directly if any foods were giving me sensitivity or if it was all TOM.

    Anyway, my question is for those of you on Phase 3 who start exercising vigorously early on in Phase 3. I know ideally we shouldn't exercise vigorously but I really miss my kickboxing during Phase 2 and want to get back into it as soon as I can. It's also a mental and emotional help for me. Anyway, I typically do kickboxing 4 days per week (an hour burns 800-1000 calories) when not on a round. It's an intense work out. During Phase 3 I am adding only 2 days of kickboxing, and, of course, I register a sizeable gain on the scale the next day or two after kickboxing. Unfortunately, I'm also trying to test new foods (right now is cheese). I had been at LDW for several days in a row and did kickboxing last night and added cheese yesterday. Today I was up 1.6 (still slightly under LDW). I am guessing that this is due to muscle/glycogen holding water BUT what if it's the cheese?!? I have not had any other body symptoms since adding the cheese.

    So, those of you vigorously exercising during Phase 3, how to you decipher whether a gain on the scale is due to your exercise OR a new food? Do you just ignore if you are still under LDW?

    I don't want to stop kickboxing just to test foods, and I don't want to not add new foods because I can't tell how if there is a reaction. And I don't want something to creep up on me later because I didn't know I was sensitive for too long.

    Thank you for "listening" to my long winded rambling.

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    My personal opinion for you is if you really want to test exercising and food, is to wait until P4, and then do the Metabolism Plan by Lyn Genet. Because if you have problems with weight, and foods, then her plan would let you know what type of exercise is right for you and what foods you can have.
    Or read her book if nothing else, so you know what you need to do to tell if its the food or the exercise that's causing a gain.

    But maybe others who have done what you want to do will pipe in and have a solution.

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