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Thread: How much protein on a protein day?

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    How much protein on a protein day?

    So after vacation I was over LIW by 4lbs, did a FFF day yesterday and lost 2lb! So going to try a high protein day today as steak days make me sick to my stomach and light headed. I've never done a protein day and read that I'm suppose to eat proteins like eggs and chicken every 2-3 hrs all day long. But my question is, how much protein should I eat at each time? What amount of protein should I have eatten by the end of the day? I've only had 3 eggs so far today and it's 10:00 am. So what other good proteins are good on days like this? Thanks in advance.

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    So nobody has any idea huh? Hopefully I'm doing it right then, I guess I'll see tomorrow when I weigh in. I've had eggs, chicken breast, S.F. sausage, steak and I think that's about it. Cross my fingers that tomorrow I've lost weight.

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    Yeah...not much action on these threads sometimes!! Just update a blog, people notice that a lot more!

    When I did a follow-up steak day I was told not to do bacon/sausage b/c it has added sugar usually.....But chicken, tuna, salmon/fishes, eggs, steak are the best. Let me know how you did!

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    Here's what my protein day looked like...


    9 oz Chicken breast


    7 oz Pork Tenderloin


    2 T Duke's Mayo
    10 oz Tilapia


    7 oz Pork Tenderloin


    Fat 60.72
    Carb 0
    Pro 178.34
    Cals 1275

    This dropped me down 2 pounds.

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    What is an FFF day? And, can you eat vegetables on a protein day?

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    There really is no limit to protein days. It's like strict Atkins. Just make sure it's all protein, a tiny smidge of fat from the meat and eggs, and NO CARBS!

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    I ate NO veggies on my protein day.

    FFF = Full Fat Fage (Yogurt) Eat 24 to 32 ounces in a day. You can add 8 ounces of berries during the day to your yogurt, I don't.

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    I'll try to make this short. They day I left for vacation I was sitting at 2lbs up from LIW when I got back I had gained 4 more lbs and that put me up 6lbs. So...I did a FFF day, lost 2lbs, followed with a High protein day lost 2 more Yay, this is working, so I thought. Tried a steak day on the 3rd day, nothing lost at all . So I thought I would just eat clean P3 foods yesterday and this morning-up 2lbs? WTH is going on? I was stabalizing so well I don't know what to do now. So now I'm back up 5lbs from LIW and I'm so frustrated and scared to eat anything at this point. I really need feedback please. I had not planned on doing another round because I pretty much reached my goal but maybe I should so I can try to stabalize again? Help!

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    I've done 2 steak days so far this round (the 2nd was planned) and have had good success so I know nothing really of protein days or FFF. But what I would probably do is a P2 eating day just double the amounts of everything. Literally clean your system out of all the junk its holding on to. LOTS of water. I'd drink at least half your body weight and see how that goes. If you have good results I would follow it up with a clean P3 eating day and so on. Good luck.


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