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Thread: Question for Leez

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    Question for Leez

    Hi Leez,

    I saw in one of the other posts you say it is best to eat plain the first week. What do you mean by eating plain the first week (i.e. add in fats, eat more protein, hit at least 1500 calories and avoid eggs, dairy, nuts)? Would you then add in these trigger foods week 2 of P3? Also, how long do you wait in between adding in a new food? Finally, do you know any good salad dressing brands that I can purchase for P3? Sorry for all the questions!

    Thank you!

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    What do you mean by eating plain the first week (i.e. add in fats, eat more protein, hit at least 1500 calories and avoid eggs, dairy, nuts)?
    That could fit. I meant to avoid processed or prepared foods the first week, and try to stick to simple, whole foods: meats, veggies ( like yummy avocado!) and fruit. A lot of people want to make keto-type "treats" with alternate flours and use lots of sweeteners in everything, and then get a big part of their calories from that, neglecting the veggies an other whole foods. It can become unbalanced.

    When you first start P3, your capacity will be low, so even if you add lots of fats, it may take you a day or two to get up to 1500 calories, and thats ok. You just don't want to stay below that for very long.

    It is a good idea to test eggs, dairy, nuts as separate tests 2-3 days apart (because you can have a delayed reaction) starting the 2nd week as well. The reason is that the first week can be volatile as your body adjusts to the influx of a greater volume of foods, not to mention fats for the first time in a while. I have found that waiting till the second week to test anything is generally a good idea. There are things (like eggs) that I don't bother to test, because I know I'm going to fail. So why deal with the inflammation gain if you know its coming but can be avoided. You can also wait to test eggs, dairy and nuts until after P3 if you are reasonably sure they will cause you a problem. But many do fine with them right from the first day. Its really your decision how careful you wish to be.
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