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Thread: Up Six pounds and counting...

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    Up Six pounds and counting...

    My last weigh in weight was 186.2. I started Phase 3 September 1st. I fluctuated for a while +/- 2 lbs, but as of the last week, I am now I am +6lbs (I weighed 192.6 this morning). I tried steak days, etc and I followed protocol for phase 3 and now I am extremely concerned...I do NOT want to slowly continue to gain weight until I reach my original weight..that would be devastating.

    I have started P90X (today is day 4) and I figured with the increase in physical activity that I would not be gaining, but I still am.

    I am really concerned...I don't know what to do...if I have to slowly watch my weight increase until I reach my original weight, it will be torturous and heartbreaking.

    Please let me know what I should do. Any and all advice is welcomed.

    Thank you!!

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    Should I just keep trying steak days until they work?

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    our metabolism is gearing up. I've seen this time and time again on the forum. People jump into a strenuous new exercise and their weight just goes totally haywire. I have no idea why this happens but I've seen it a jillion times. So if the gain started with the exercise, it's likely the problem. I'd cut back and go at it a little more slowly.

    If you started gaining when not exercising, then you need to look at your diet and your hormones. I'd cut out things like dairy, eggs and nuts and see if you drop back down. If you still gain on meat, veggies and fruit, then your hormones are likely off. I've seen the Depo shot do this to women. Get your thyroid checked. Insist on having your free T3 and free T4 checked. They should both be in the upper part of the range. Get your total estrogens, testosterone, progesterone, pregnenolone, and dhea checked. Get the blood work done on the 18t-21st day or so of your cycle.
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    I started gaining before exercising. I've had my thyroid checked and it was fine. Can I request these test from my doctor? Am I going to continue to gain until I get back to what I started with? I'm so nervous


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