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Thread: How soon to try cream cheese in p3?

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    How soon to try cream cheese in p3?

    Something I miss is this protein smoothie (collagen peptides and totally sugar free) is cream cheese lemon smoothies. It sounds weird but it's so good with ice and a little coconut milk. Anyways I'm guessing I should maybe wait a few days as I'm on a protein day but when did you guys try out cream cheese and dairy in p3?

    In the past I've done well with cream cheese. I don't really drink coffee or use cream but I sure do like cream cheese in smoothies. Just a tablespoon or so.

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    The four most common foods that people have sensitivities to are dairy, eggs, nuts and cheese. (Dairy and cheese are listed as 2, because many people that can't eat cheeses can use things like yogurt or soft white cheeses.)

    If you strongly suspect you might be sensitive to any certain food, its a good idea to avoid it in P3, because why provoke a reaction if you know its probably going to happen? P3 stabilization is most successful when you can get through it without having to do multiple steak days.

    If just being cautious, you can wait until week 2 to introduce common problem foods, as its week 1 that can be volatile on the scale without any particular provocation. So you start your testing in week two. Or you can wait to try anything suspect until you've finished P3.

    That being said, you don't have to wait, or test anything if you don't wish to. Its perfectly fine to just eat what sounds good to you from the allowed foods.

    From what you have shared so far, it seems to me like you are more cautious than you need to be. Cream cheese is fine in P3. If you are really wanting some, give it a try and see how you do.
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    Thanks Leez! Maybe if I feel well in a few days I'll try some in a smoothie. I probably should wait a few days with this sore throat. But man cream cheese sure does sound nice. Soon! p3 is nice after a month in p2!


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