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Thread: The Stabilization of MissM

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    You lot make me smile....

    Thank you for you!...

    I think what it is about me.... I do NOTHING in small measures, if I cannot do something 200% it is not worth doing at all.... and the way I feel about HCG is the same.. I am not ashamed to admit being on protocol or even my exact weight to anyone.... at least I am taking control of my life. I find so many people who say, I could never do that.... and I think to myself...yes you can, you just choose not to

    HCG is not a DIET! it is a correction... it is not a quick fix.... and therefore, when on HCG whether P2 , P3 or P4, those in my bubble, knows where i stand... i do not want to hear a "aaaw one bit wont kill you" or "can't you make an exception?".... the answer is NO.... they know from my very first round.... and then also because I am so Transparent about my journey, I feel by "putting it out there" keeps me accountable.... so much so that some friends would say "are you allowed that" when I am in P3 and P4....

    The other thing is my transparency about HCG has encouraged people in my bubble to take ownership and be responsible for their own eating habits.... I will love everyone in my space for whoever they are and choose to be.... but I love seeing how my choices rub off on others to be more mindful.... walk the walk instead of just talking the talk

    take care bunnies.... be good and drink up!!
    ~AKA Yvonne SA~
    Greetings from Sunny South Africa!
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    MissM....you doing ok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlirtyFlo View Post
    You lot make me smile....

    I find so many people who say, I could never do that.... and I think to myself...yes you can, you just choose not to
    a thousand times yes!!!

    The protocol works. But beyond that it is a drastic step. I fully believe that in order to get on the right path towards living a healthier life, you need to whack a large amount of weight off first. And that takes a drastic step. Surgeries work too. But I like this protocol. But "eating healthier" isn't going to cut it to drop the weight. Unless you are young and you couple it with an aggressive fitness regimen. Once the weight is off, that is when you live a healthier lifestyle to maintain. That is what we are all doing here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justgitterdone View Post
    MissM....you doing ok?
    I was wondering the same thing, JGD.

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