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Thread: can I start over??

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    can I start over??

    so I am on day 22 of P3 and I cannot seem to stabilize. i'm always having to do a correction day and I usually eat 50-60 percent fats and the rest is protein. Right now I am 3.5 lbs over my ldw. can I tart over and to back to P2?

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    have you tried to do a protein type only day - I seemed to lose pretty quickly that way. I would eat, tilapia, chicken and protein shakes all day, I got as high as 5 lbs over ldw at one time and that did the trick in two days. I would hate for you to start all over again for 3.5lbs.
    I am 5'4" 44 yo. Was stable at 123 last round, lost focus, back at 144.
    R1 1/11 Started at 170lbs got to 140. Another round 9/12 got to 123. Goal is to get back in that area and hold under 130.

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    I guess I will try those correction days too. thank you

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    All protein days worked for me ! How are you doing?

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