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Thread: anyone starting P3 on March 18.... first time on P3

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    Red face anyone starting P3 on March 18.... first time on P3

    almost end of P2 for me... 4 more days and P3 here i come. i have been reading about P3 for more than a week now trying to figure out what food should i eat... after having a structured meal for 40 days.... i feel a bit loss and scared to EAT what I WANT with all the butter and fats... NO SUGAR NO STARCH LOW CARB....

    i will try to write down all the food i will eat on P3 and of course my weight and try to see how it will work out for me... keeping my fingers cross ...

    i have been dreaming of sunny side up eggs with bacons ... like making them a smiley face and coffee with full cream that will be heaven i just hope im not sensitive to these foods....

    countdown continues... while im not yet in P3 ill continue to read on and if you got any suggestions for P3 pls do so or drop me the link so i can read them... thanks a bunch

    R1 - HCG drops
    P2 day 38
    lost 21.5 ( average loss i presumed but im very happy with it and expecting to loose a few more lbs before end)

    goodluck to US

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    Yes, may be right around that time frame. I'm on day #34, have one injection left before I decide on doing a last week, but I may go off and start P3 on the 17th...my body has stalled out a bit, and I do have to do another cycle. This will be my first P3 also and a little frightened myself. Mostly I'd like to exercise and get back to the gym, but unsure what is okay and what isn't...


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    This is my first post - I've been lurking for a couple weeks so far! I will be starting P3 on March 21st, so I'm right there with you. I've read this forum up and down every night to make sure I don't mess up anything. I'm taking the homeopathic hcg sublingual drops and currently P2D35 and have lost 18.6lbs so far. I was hoping to lose 30 during this time but it doesn't look like I'll make my goal. I haven't cheated once, I've been extremely diligent. I'm 5'4", started out at 159.6lbs and currently 141.0 even this morning. I was hoping to get to 130lbs. I'm hoping that I'll at least get under 140lbs which I'd be really comfortable with, and hopefully will be able to get down a little farther into P4 and beyond and maintain it. I pretty much let myself go this past year, especially the last few months and don't want to return!

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    R1, P3/4 Drops
    I will be starting P3 in less than 4 hours. Just finished my drops last night after round 3 (a short round). Looking forward to those same bacon and eggs! Just not right away! Best advice is to take it slow!!

    Over 100lbs lost from heaviest weight!

    Pounds lost here ALL due to HCG! ~ although, over 20lbs lost during pregnancy is hcg related too

    Heaviest ever 262.3 lbs

    (Started HCG diet at 239lbs, April 7th, 2012)

    Hit 100lb mark Feb. 26th, 2013!!

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    nice to meet you all... I was stalling also for 3days now so I might start P3 earlier on Saturday. It's my last drop today and from all the readings they say to wait 48hrs then proceed with P3. goodluck Argentina on your P3 I hope you can share your food during the phase ...

    thisspice... I was more overweight than I could imagine... it's only now that I become serious to be fit and healthy again. I might need to do HCG for 3-4 for rounds I hope to reach my goal...

    thanks ill try to take it slow like adding new things after 3days... but the eggs and bacon will definitely be on the first day... I will let you know what will happen. hoping no sensitivity on eggs...

    best luck to all again

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    first day without HCG drops... you can really feel the difference with and without... feeling a bit week �� did breakfast with tea and one breadstick. will have an apple later for my snack... this will be a long day

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    Pringles - stay strong! you can do it! :-) I'm down .2 today, had a long 6 day stall last week due to TOM and finally got a little kick start earlier this week. Hoping to get to at least in the 137-138 by the time I finish my last drops on Monday and starting P3 on Thursday.

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    thanks Thisspice... one more day of 500 cal and off i got to neverland.... still mix emotions on the new Phase. i started buying some new veggies and meat for P3. and funny thing i already bought some chicken thighs for correction day , just a precaution ...

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    R4P3 HHCG Drops
    I will be in P3 soon YAY!!

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    I will be starting P3 on Sunday! Doing the protocol without the drops is a little tough, but I am soooo ready for P3.

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    R2 P2 - hhcg
    Hi - I will also be starting P3 on Monday. Like everyone kinda nervous about the whole thing. Will try to take it slow. Going on vacation after only 1 1/2 week into P3....really nervous about that. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that might help while on vacation I would appreciate it.

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    tomorrows the big day P3... i never cheated on P2 but definitely i will be doing fried eggs and bacon in butter with coffee and full cream ....

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