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Thread: Steak Day under LDW???

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    Steak Day under LDW???

    Hello HCG community!!! I am new to the forum. I lost 23 pounds in P2 on my first and only round and now I am in P3

    This is my first post but I will start with a question... I am in P3 day 4. I am 1 pound up from my LDW which is OK. The problem is that I had a big dinner last night and too late, like around 9:30 pm. I woke up 3 times last night feeling nauseous and sick. This morning I didn't feel like eating at all. I served myself some coffee and I could not drink it. All I feel like having is water.

    Because I am in p3 and I don't want to play with my stabilization I am worry about not eating anything the whole day. I don't know if at night I will be hungry and maybe want to have steak or chicken...

    My question is what happen if I have a steak day being under my LDW? I don't want jeopardize my stabilization but I can get myself to eat...

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    It's not going to hurt your stabilization. You're doing very well. I'd just do what you feel like doing today. Hope you feel better!
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