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Thread: Steak Day Questions for Leez

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    If your drops were not real HCG, then the stabilization methods of HCG are not going to be guaranteed to work as expected. You can try another steak day after 4 more days with an apple, or with a different meat. But you should not do back to back steak days.

    I'm sorry to hear that you were not using HCG drops. I don't know what HaaG is, but HCG is what makes this diet work. Other formulations mimic the no-hunger aspect of HCG, but they do it with appetite suppressants of some kind. In the meantime, your muscle mass is being eaten away and you almost certainly will regain the weight you lost and more but with less muscle, so are using fewer calories.

    The rebound can happen quickly and with a vengeance. The best you can do is try to do a proper 21 day P3 and make sure you get enough protein to suport your muscles, but you may not be able to control the regain with steak days.

    Real homeopathic drops can be identified by seeing HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) as the first ingredient on the bottle. It will be followed by the dilution strengths, something like 3x 12x 60x. If that is not there, then you have fake drops.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VTsailer View Post
    Hi Leez,

    I'm a little confused and concerned. After doing a Steak Day yesterday (1 NY Strip Steak and a raw tomato) caused by a 3lbs overnight gain, I woke up this morning to a loss of .2 lbs, which puts me still 2 lbs over my LDD. Any ideas? Do you think this could be caused by the drops I used which were HaaG and not HCG?

    I'm concerned that I'm just not going to stabilize. Would love your thoughts. Seems to me there may be something else going on here.

    When steak days stopped working for me, my results were that I would only lose anywhere from .2 to .8 the next day. Do you have any known digestive issues?
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    Thank you both.

    @leez - I haven't lost muscle mass during this process, so I do think there is some validity to the approach. You brought this up to me right when I started the protocol, so I've insisted with my ND that we do body mass composition in our weekly check ins to make sure I wasn't losing muscle. That said, I don't think P3 is the same which is ok but requires keeping a closer eye.

    @sdwis - That's a great question. I have found that eating conventional meat definitely causes issues for me. Normally I only eat either wild game or naturally raised meat (ex. grass fed beef). In this case, I did eat conventional beef, although it was USDA Prime and this very well could have either been the or an issue.

    I weighed in this morning with a 1 lb loss, so hopefully something may be working. I think I just need to be much more careful going forward and be a bit more strict than the protocol asks.

    Thanks again for all the help and feedback!!
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