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Thread: Steak Day vs Correction Days

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    Question- just curious- when eating higher fat and high protein low carb/no sugar - I noticed recently that I would get a pain in my right side. This just started the 2 days or so, but it happend before in P3 the last cycle too... I think I may be eating too much HWC with my eggs, coffee and protein shakes, but I noticed that when I do high fat, high protein low carb I can maintain my weight well... the second I take the fats out or lessen them I seem to gain weight... anyone else experience this? Any other way I can get fats in other than fatty steak, avacados and HWC?

    When I do lessen the fats the pain is not there.... I feel like I am going overboard with the fats maybe and its causing my body to work harder?? I also seem to be sensitive to coconut oil- which I wasn't in my first 2 rounds but that was years ago... so HWC and Avacado's are the way I get fats in. I have always had sensitivity to nuts so can't.

    Background: I have done a couple rounds of normal 40 day HCG and kept the weight off 2 years until I got Pregnant. Now I decided to try cycling. After cycling 2 weeks on 2 weeks off 2 times I am almost back down to my goal weight. I might do another cycle but I am looking for a break as I did this all over the Thanksgiving/Xmas time which I think I will never do again- it was so hard- even with cycling. Anyway- I am p3 now after 2nd cycle for about 10 days. Weight has been great- never really going over 2 lbs except for new years when I cheated but did a steak day the following day....

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    I used to be but I was treated for it and eggs but I can't shake the egg intolerance. You might have a nightshade intolerance in general. I used to eat them all daily and I would bloat up so badly but I couldn't understand why as I was eating so healthy!

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    Hi Grammy,

    I have a question and I'm stressing so badly about.

    I was an angel on p2. Lost my weight. Did perfect 3day into phase 3. Then the first 2 days of phase 3 I went crazy. I have not eaten any sugar or starches however I binged on anything I cld see (low carb) for 2 days. Cheese nuts everything! My tummy is so swollen and sore. And I have put on 6lbs!

    Obviously I'm on a steak day today!

    Have I ruined everything? What is likely to happen to my weight? Will I get it back. I'm inflamed and puffy and sore.

    Shall I do another steak day tomorrow? If not what would advise for the rest of the week?

    Thank you for your advice.

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    You can recover. But a six pound gain seems to indicate more than just binge weight. You likely are sensitive to at least one of the foods you ate. Here is a plan:

    After your steak day, just get back on simple P3 foods. Eat when you are hungry and enough to feel satisfied, but not till full, and then eat again when you are hungry. Do not cut back in an attempt to lose. Include good fats at each meal like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil. But do not include nuts, cheese, dairy or eggs for a few days.

    After your weight settles, then choose one of the items on that list above to test to see if it causes gastric distress or weight gain. Wait three days before testing the next one and so forth.

    No one can guarantee you will not settle out at a little higher weight, but you can mitigate a lot of the damage.
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    successful steak day

    Just adding to the conversation here . . . after finishing my three weeks of P3 my weight went up 2.8 above LIW post-Thanksgiving. Before then my weight was 100 percent stable. I did my first steak day yesterday completely by the book--nothing but black coffee, green tea, and water until 6 p.m. when I ate a delicious organic envy apple and a giant grass fed T-bone rubbed with my homemade spice mix, cooked in ghee in a cast iron skillet, and liberally sprinkled with Celtic Sea Salt. I ate and enjoyed every blessed bit of it including the fattiest bits.

    Today my weight dropped to 1 pound below LIW, a whopping 3.8 drop from yesterday morning.

    Honestly, the steak day wasn't a challenge. I am SO GRATEFUL for this built-in correction and the genius of the HCG program overall. I'm learning over and over again to not overthink and to trust the process.

    Thankful for our forum experts/moderators as well, for though I did have the old ingrained impulse to continue to restrict and fast today, I learned here that sticking to proteins and fats, eating when hungry and only to satisfaction, is the way forward. Thank you, Leez! Thank you, Grammy! Thank you, Dr. Simeons!

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