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Thread: No sugar or starch ever?

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    No sugar or starch ever?

    So I've recently been thinking that phase 3 really isn't hard to stick to, which has sort of got me to thinking maybe I should just avoid all sugar and starch together permanently. Though I am a bit worried if there could be negative side effects to it. I thought at most once I'm out of p3 for hcg I might add back at least some beans and starchy veggies, also some more sugary fruits. Do any of you think I could come across problems doing this??

    I haven't been thinking about doing this for more weight loss (even though I have like 40 pounds to go).....mainly its because I have so many health issues in my family from diabetes and high blood pressure that I felt that continuing this could only be good for my health in general. Plus I know for me adding sugar or starch is always just a slippery slope for me. It starts off slow with only a few things here and there and eventually leads to eating enormous amounts of junk. I.E. chips, lots of bread, pastas and so forth.

    Any help would be great! Also thanks for the continuous support, because I'd definitely be lost and confused without it!

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    You'll be fine adding back in some fruit, beans and starchy veggies. Most of us do once P3 is over. Those things have good nutrition and are healthy. There is never any reason to add back in sugar and junk though. There are tons of healthy recipes you can make and eliminate the junk. Glad you're thinking it through!
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