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Thread: The Ultimate P3 Correction Day: I Lost 2.6 lbs on a Chicken Thigh Day!!!!!!!!!!

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    I am nervous about not sleeping if I consume that amount of coffee during the day. How important is the coffee? Can it be decaf? Can I replace it with non caffeinated tea? :-/

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    GonnaLoseIt I am SO happy you brought up Ashwaganda and Boswelia!

    I have been battling with crazy inflammation on both of my 2 rounds of p3 from food/xylitol and Erithritol. I have gained 10lbs of Inflammitory weight in the last week. I wish I could do a do over and not introduce knew things into my diet during p3. It starts of well and then snowballs like crazy! This happened last time as well and I was able to get it down back to my LIW after a while but I was scared and am scared that I messed up my stabilization in p3. I have a week left of this p3 round so I'm hoping to get my weight back down before then! Eek! So upsetting! I did a steak day today and will plan to use chicken thigh days which I didn't know about before now.
    I have taken turmeric/bromelin, omega3, hot lemon ginger water, midol or other water reduction pills but am still experiencing the inflammation. Any other tips would be MUCH appreciated!!!
    P.s. Does anyone know how important drinking the coffee is? I'm scared of not being able to sleep from the caffeine. Can I do decaf or tea/ caffeine free tea?

    Thank you!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by GonnaLoseIt View Post
    Hi twoboysandtwogirls!

    So, looking at your recent history here, being able to successfully add in fage and eggs....that's great! Which days did you add them in on, btw? I noticed you have a LIW of 112.4, yet what looks to be P3D1 is 110.7....did you start really low in calories and then increase? Is that why I'm seeing a steady gain with your numbers?

    I think that if you started too low in calories when you began P3, and those consecutive gains are the result of that...you were (unfortunately) in an inflammatory response cycle (also known as "starvation mode") from the beginning of P3. Which would explain much of your gaining. Not sure if you took anything for the stomach bug, but even if you didn't, it's likely that your body's equilibrium (digestion, intestinal flora, etc.) got a little wacky because of that ontop of it.

    When you say "tried to add pistachios"...why do you say "tried" when it looks like you lost weight the following day? Are you listing those pistachios on the same day you added them? Is that weight the AM weight of the same day you added pistachios?

    Because if you're listing your AM weight and then what you did after that time on the same day...looks like pistachios are a win for you. Good job, hope that's the case! Not sure why "tried" is there in your vocabulary, seeing as how right now it appears you did great and didn't have a gain from them. You should have written there, "I successfully added pistachios, wooo hoo!"....heh heh.

    Here's what I'm asking you if what you are doing is similar -- AM weigh-in is first, details on what you ate later that day is afterwards:

    Tuesday: 115.6 *Ate cream cheese later on Tueday, for Dinner
    Wednesday: 116.2

    If that's what you're doing, please verify. I wanna make sure I'm reading it the way I need to be reading it to give you any sort of advice.

    Tenative advice: take anti-inflammatory supplements. Try to find an Omega-3 supplement -- with *only* Omega-3s, no 6's, 9's, or any other Omega in it -- as well as perhaps Boswellia and Ashwaganda. I introduced, of all things, Avocado....and had a wacky inflammatory response to them. I know -- AVOCADOS -- ! Lol... Since I took them I've stopped the inflammatory cycle (meaning, I stopped gaining) successfully. Waiting for the inflammation/starvation mode response to subside at the moment; don't know what to expect exactly, but it's good to know I stopped the inflammatory response in its tracks.

    Let us know how you're doing, ok? And, the other answers to our questions too, ok? Hope all is going well with you!

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    I just wanted to share that I completed a chicken thigh day yesterday and woke up to a 1.8lb loss this morning! I’m so happy and will continue to follow the post correction day strategy outlined in this thread. This is my first round and my first correction day (R1-P3-day-5). Current weight 124.8!

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    I agree that starving isn't optimal for a correction. I eat a high-fat ketogenic diet, so one correction day doesn't do it for me.

    Here's what I do:

    Day one: "fat fast" - 800 to 1000 calories, high fat foods, broken into several meals, as close to zero carbs as you can manage. Water and coffee with HWC, three or four cups through the day.

    Day two: Water and coffee w/ HWC all day, skip breakfast and lunch, then a delicious fatty protein meal - pork, chicken thighs, steak - with non-starch you veggies. Carbs as low as possible.

    I reliably get 2 to 3 lbs loss, and it "sticks" , isn't just a water weight loss.

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    I'm sad that this didn't work for me. I followed the guide. So far I've weighed myself and didn't lose a single ounce.

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    Unfortunately, what works best for each person can be very different. For instance, I do great on steak days or FFF (full fat greek yogurt) days, but actually gained weight when I tried the egg day. Guess what, I found out later I am sensitive to eggs, so it makes sense an egg day wouldn't help me. But it was the main thing that jarred me into the knowlege of the sensitivity. I could see it plainly when looking back at my logs, where I was blaming the gains on something else. I've also had both great and bad results from other methods like the apple/cheese day. I have had up to a 4 pound loss on it sometimes, and others, maybe a few ounces. So they are not always consistent.
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    I find chicken thighs too fatty for me to eat without getting nauseated, are there other chicken parts that can substitute the thigh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apollonia09 View Post
    I find chicken thighs too fatty for me to eat without getting nauseated, are there other chicken parts that can substitute the thigh?
    The fat in chicken thighs also caused me to become nauseated, and I actually started gaining .8 -1 lb. after a Chicken Thigh Day, so I stopped doing them.

    I now do a "Roasted Chicken Day" instead, where I drink coffee, tea, and water all day, then have a whole natural (unseasoned or salt and pepper seasoned only) roasted chicken cut into pieces from my local super market for dinner. This usually results in a 2-3 lb. loss the next day.
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    Hi, your correction day tip has helped me lose 1.8 so far on day 1. I'm on day 2 post correction and I'm not sure what to do to lose the 2 more lbs. I'm just eating chicken thighs, water, coffee with heavy cream. I love my results do should I continue what I'm doing?

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    Hi, I had a question about skipping breakfast. You mentioned eating more smaller meals if you skip breakfast: so what would you suggest, how many small meals a day? Also, if Im in early P3 and havent added any foods other than chicken, steak, salad?

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