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Thread: UNCONTROLLABLE CRYING, holy crap.....for no reason! LOL WTF is happening??

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    Question UNCONTROLLABLE CRYING, holy crap.....for no reason! LOL WTF is happening??

    Sooooo....today is the second-to-last day of my P3. This P3 is nearly over now, thankfully....after a 'long round' of 40 injections.

    AND As of today, overnight, I went from a few ounces below last injection weight to now....now, I'm exactly 1 lb below last injection weight!! THAT'S the good news.

    The 'not so good news':
    Uh........as of this morning, just today, I.....look at the wall and burst into tears!! Or, just am walking around the house, randomly, and start crying. LOL for no reason at all! No sad thoughts precede it. I just.........CRY, hahaha....

    This sporadic, 'for no reason' crying has gone on all day; NOW, after all this random crying, I am now beginning to get actually SAD. Like the crying influenced my mood after crying for so long. It's exhausting. And bizarre.

    Notable: I am now exactly 1 lb below LIW as of today. Which is AWESOME. But with that dip under LIW today, which is the first time I have had that happen in P3..................comes this 'random, sporadic crying' that isn't tied to anything I'm thinking -- at all. It just happens, like my body has a mind of its own.

    So, my questions:

    1.) IS THIS NORMAL??

    2.) WILL it end after tomorrow???

    3.) Do I need to do something about this??

    Strangest thing ever.

    Any insight is appreciated!!
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    Not really able to answer but pretty sure it is not related to P3 Not sure of your age...sounds very hormonal.... maybe have your hormones checked if you are not close to a period. I am 77 and hormonal imbalance used to do that to me. Stress also can cause me to boohoo . Prayers that you will start to feel better soon,
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    My guess is same as rose's --hormonal. We just had a full moon, and that affects our hormonal cycles.

    Another possibility, especially if you have been avoiding all processed foods, is that it could be a detox reaction. Emotional detox is a real thing.

    Either way, it should pass shortly.
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    Can't help you with that one. I come from a background where "big boys and girls don't cry". I hate crying, it doesn't make me feel any better, and forms bags under my eyes, so I try not to do it unless I'm grieving .
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