Sorry I'm new to this hcg diet. History is.. Nov weight loss to Jan 6lbs on my own. Started Ph1 Jan7th & Ph2 Jan9th with the drops for 43day protocol with a further loss of almost 17lbs.
I am supposed to be starting ph3. I've been told by a few people that I should ease off of the drops slowly? And not stop cold turkey.. So to speak! Has anyone heard of this? Is this recommended anywhere? And if so what does that do to the calorie count we are supposed to be doing?
Also unfortunately I didn't read the ph3 portion close enough to know that I was to continue with the 'no sugar & starches'. Vanetines brought a few chocolates into my home & therefore.... Into my system!!! i havent been crazy with the eating but certainly NOT 500 calories. I've been away and haven't had a chance to weigh in and I am now terrified that I've ruined my past work. & how this will affect my 'reset' period of Ph3.
I am scared to weigh in tomorrow morning! Any advice or knowledge is greatly appreciated.