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Thread: Where did I go wrong

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    Where did I go wrong

    Started P3 on Monday. New weight 148.5

    I stayed at 148.5 to 149 until today.

    Yesterday I had: B- cottage cheese w/ blueberries and coffee w/1 tbsp HWC

    L - salad w/ grilled chicken breast, 1T spicy ranch dressing and 1 avocado

    D- 6 -8 oz grilled blackened tilapia, Brussel sprouts sautéed in butter with bacon bits.

    Snack - handful of pork rinds.

    I had a LOT of water and iced tea. Today I'm at 150.5!!!!

    Of note: no BM since Monday (I know you wanted to hear all about that )

    Should I do a steak or egg day today? My scales only do to 1/2 lb increments so I don't know exactly how much under or over 2 lbs. Please advise!

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    You're not quite to needing a steak day. Eliminate dairy for now, especially the cottage cheese. See how you do.
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    your food seems okay....did the dressings have any fake sugars or chemicals in them? otherwise I'm guessing it is "waste weight" (No BM) add some additional green vegetables and hot teas to get things, ahhhh, moving. Hopefully that is all it is!

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    As bad as it sounds, i went 3-4 days without a BM, when I did the scales showed 3 lbs less.

    Now I know that it is weird but true......

    Today I ate more meat (protein).....

    R1P1: 267.2

    VLCD1-41 (267.2 LDW: 236.0)

    Total Loss: -31.2 lbs

    P4 - Week 1: (LDW: 236.0 TW:237)


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