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Thread: I am going to need idea how to keep weight off for good

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    I am going to need idea how to keep weight off for good

    Taking the weight off with hcg after years of thyroid weighy, great. I knew that KEEPING it off would be yhe hard part.

    I maintained all my rounds by eating a low carb day, and every other day a higher carb day, one splurge night a week.

    I put on after the past 2 rounds ea time bc I did 2 or 3 splurges a week, then I usually have an egg or chicken thigh correction day but wasn't doing it enough. I already eat wheat and dsiry free altho have been experimenting with dairy..it is a no and may have caused gains.

    I think part of my problem is that I am carb sensitive and dont eat breads or grains much anyway but eating lower carb is extremely hard when I cannot have dairy, low carb us cheese, yogurt, dairy sugar free treats, etc. So I crave a treat, but I can't figure out gluten free sugar free dairy free treats!

    Anyway, suggestions needed. I wanna keep the weight off and fit my small clothes without having to diet 2x year.
    Started JULY 2015
    Ended 4 rounds November 2016
    -80 pounds!

    I keep gaining 20 to 25 of it back, I take off 5 pounds myself and then I do a round and lose 20 lbs. So I have done a total of 7 rounds. I am on my 8th round, taking the SAME 20 lbs off. ugh. But at least I don't gain 80 back!

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    5 rounds, down 78# and at goal
    Have you checked out The Fast Metabolism Diet by Pomroy? It really helps fix carb sensitivities. And her new book, Metabolism Revolution, came yesterday. It has a fabulous section about how to maintain your weight. Some of the things she suggests: eat every 3-4 hours, always eat breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up. Reserve grains for breakfast and dinner but not lunch. And some can't have grains for dinner. Eat fruit at breakfast and lunch but not after 3. Continue to drink half your body weight in water.

    There's lots more in the chapter and I highly recommend the book.
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    I will check those out. I isually eat like that normally tho.


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