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Thread: Correction Days In P4

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    Correction Days In P4

    Hi All,

    I thought it would be good to have a thread on the various successes of Correction Days for P4. I did really well all of P3 and stayed exactly within my 4lb window. I've now been in P4 for several weeks and have done a few correction days after eating out or adding something that didn't do that well with my body. I have not gone overboard at all, like I have not added a single bit of sugar or any grains. I see I must be very sensitive to some foods. For example the other night we went out to a chinese restaurant and I had a beef dish with onions. No rice, no eggrolls, no cookies. I had some eggdrop soup. From this I gained like 2.3 lbs. It must have had MSG or some sort of coating on the meat. In any event yesterday I did an egg day and did not lose a single ounce I do have TOM going right now so that could be some water weight.

    What other CD's are you guys doing and what has been your success? I see on the boards people have done well with the protein shake day and the FF Day but I've done both and was hungry.


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    on P4 only one thing worked for me. Counting every carb, and keeping it below 25 for the day. I can eat whatever else just have to watch the carbs strictly. I also gained 3 pounds from Chinese last week. And I did not eat any of those things. Took me a few days of low carb to get it back off.

    Started at 179 (5'3") June 5th 2010. Lost 40 pounds eating no sugar, flour, wheat, rice, or dairy, and eating 2 times a day breakfast and lunch. Stalled at 138 for 4 months then decided to do HCG.

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    I didnt have to do one single correction until I got to P4. Chinese food caused me to gain too. I am convinced it's the sodium. I have been up 4 pounds after a weekend. What I do is eat very high protein/p3 foods and no starch for a few days and it comes off-like a fage yogurt for breakfast, grilled chicken over salad for lunch and a steak with tomato for dinner with lots of water

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    This is a great thread. Even though I'm on here a lot and following what people are doing, I love that you have started a new thread on the subject. I've done a steak day - lost 4 lbs, a FFF day, lost 3 lbs, and a protein shake day and lost 4 lbs. Doing the Shake CD made me realize the whole steak day isn't necessarily the best or only way to correct. The shake day included 2 full scoops of sugar free protein powder, water, berries and a half of a banana in 2 of the shakes (I did one in the AM, one at noon), and the third shake I had fage, berries, and another 2 scoops of powder. I also ate some chicken breast in the evening. I wasn't hungry at all! Of course I did coffee and lots of water too. It worked great - 4 lbs. down!
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    i think the problem with the chinese food is all the cornstarch they use in the sauces.

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    No one should be eating Americanized-Chinese food in your average restaurant any way. I can't imagine that or Thai is any good for anyone.

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    This is so funny...I just came into this section to post the same thread! Great minds think alike!

    I've done FFF days, steak days and FFF/steak day combos. I lose between 2-4 lbs with any of these correction days. The FFF/steak day combo is my favorite because it's hard for me to fast all day, but on the other hand I can't eat 35 oz of FFF in one day.

    I've never tried a nut day, egg day or apple&cheese day (although I want to try the latter).

    Does anyone have info on apple&cheese day?

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    I seem to gain 1/2lb- 1 lb a day when I am eating carbs.. when I have not kept my carbs at less than 20% in a day I do a correction day and drop 4.4 lbs.

    Basics: 8-12 eggs a day.

    I eat an omelette for breakfast, (4) hard boiled eggs for lunch with diced chicken breast if I am hungry (I just snack on that during the day) and an omelette for dinner (all the toppings you want, if you need it).

    Thats it.. it has become my maintenance as I am a carb-o-holic.
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    I seem to do one to 2 correction days a week. some people don't believe in correction days, and say that just eating clean after a 2lb gain is the best way to go. I have tried the eat clean (p3 eating) and i just stabilize, dont lose. so, i think some people are differant in that matter. I have found that i can eat pretty much what i want on the weekend, gain 3 to 4 lbs do a correction day of my choice on monday and possibly tues if i have too. yesterday, i ate some plums and grapes out of my yard and gained almost 2lbs! So today, i am doing a fat fast day. and yes, i am hungry right now. but, it's worth it in the morning when the scale drops to where its supposed to be.
    I am going to my aunts this weekend and she let me know she is making french toast for breakfast saturday. I havent had that in almost 11 months! so i am gonna eat it!
    I have done steak days, shake days and fff plus the fat fast. I believe the apple day is for p2. i've never done an egg day. i don't know why. and i love eggs.
    My fat fast day today was: 2 eggs w/1tlbps whipping cream, 1/4 cup tuna with 1 tlbps mayo, then 1 cup fage, then tuna again, then fage again. 5 meals at 200 cals and eat every 2 hours. I slip in a few sugar free werthers if i really feel i need something in my mouth. and lots of water and tea. i forgot tea today. oh well. usually when i do the fat fast i will make the cream cheese peanut butter balls. i didnt this time because i felt like i wanted to feel like i actually ate some food. anyway, now that i've written a short novel, i'm going to bed. I've been canning all day and i'm beat!

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    I've been gone for a while so lost track of this thread and since I started it I thought I'd post again. I was gone for a few weeks on a vacation/business cruise and I even brought my scale with me! They were very accommodating and I stayed right in range for the first week I was there and then I tried 3 small white potatoes and bam gained. I came home and weighed again in my home and now I am 5 lbs up from where I need to be, not a happy camper. For the past few days I've been eating cleanly but all I have done is maintained. So today I was going to do a FFF day but in reading the thread I like the FFF/Steak Day better because my problem is I really HATE being hungry so the steak should help with that for dinner. I'll report in tomorrow how things went. I have to get this 5 lbs off!


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    hi folks,

    thought i'd join this thread since i should be in p4; however, i'm still eating p3 b/c i don't feel as though my weight has really stabilized. a couple nights ago, i ate a lot at dinner and late at night. it was basically all protein but also high in sodium. the next day, i had gained 2 lbs. yesterday i thought i'd do a steak day (my first since i had only done FFF days in p3). i sort of did a modified version though b/c i had to go over to someone else's house for dinner and i wasn't sure what the menu would be. in the afternoon, i had one of those premier chocolate portein shakes (30g protein, 160 cals) and ate beef tenderloin, some baked salmon and sashimi with veggies for dinner. this morning i noticed that i lost the 2 lbs i gained from pigging out. i'm still 1.2 lbs above LDW though.if i am lucky i will stay this way for the rest of the week and not gain cuz this is my ovulation week. i noticed last month that around this time, i had a hell of a time keeping my weight down even though i did everything right.
    with ovulation and TOM and the water retention that comes with them, i can only see myself being my 'ideal' weight 1-2 weeks in a 28 day cycle! how annoying is that!~


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    Hello all.
    I'm in my 2nd week of P3 after a successful full first round. I added cheese too soon, and it cost me my whole first week of stabilizing. I have done a steak day, lost .6 and an egg day, lost nothing. Yesterday, already being 2 lbs over my LDW and after a planned cheat this last weekend, which cost me 2 more lbs (4 total) I did a FFF/Steak day, and lost 3.6 lbs. I was so over correction days! But, after this success, I'll definitely keep this one in my back pocket~ It's all about finding what your body responds to.

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