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Thread: Which % dairy fat at this point?

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    Which % dairy fat at this point?

    Just about to start P4 and wondering what kind of dairy to use at this point. I understand that as we increase carbs we need to decrease fats. So what does everyone use? Full fat? Half and half? Lowfat? Skim? I love my lattes and Greek yoghurt but what do you guys suggest? I'm not one that has ever counted calories or grams of fat, carbs etc. Hope to not have to start either

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    I'm sorry I'm no help. I also would like to know the answer to this.
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    Here is the reply I left in your duplicate thread.

    If I was pre-planning, I would work what I wanted into my menu that day.

    If it was a spur of a moment thing and I wanted a latte and/or greek yogurt, and haven't consumed a lot of fat already for the day, I would go full fat. If it was later in the day and my fat intake was pretty high, I would go fat free.

    Another way I would try it is just go full fat and eat cleaner the next day if I gained from it.

    Not sure how anyone else would handle this, but for me, it would be trial and error until I figure out what the limit is that works or doesn't work for me.

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    I always choose full fat. But I always watch carbs because they lead to insulin resistance eventually.
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    I do low-fat in P4 if I'm having carbs that day.

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    In P3, I use whipping cream in my coffee and order breve lattes at Starbucks. In P4, I use half and half in my coffee and get whole milk lattes. I drink raw milk from a local farmer. It is whole milk. I sometimes skim the cream off the top to use in my coffee, but there's enough fat left in the milk that it is still creamy enough to be considered whole milk, I think. I use real cheeses and make whole milk yogurt.

    I think fat free dairy is very unhealthy. They feed pigs and cows skim milk to fatten them up, you know. I don't want to be fattened up.

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    Full fat. It has less milk sugars = less carbs, and it taste better.
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    The comment about skim milk used to fatten up pigs made a good point! But I heard that we aren't supposed to feed our kids full fat milk? Why would we want them to have skim milk if it's bad for us adults?

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    it depends on how you've been eating in P3. whatever you're used to, decrease your fat if you increase your carbs. how much fat and how many carbs you eat is going to be different for everyone.
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