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Thread: Getting rid of holiday lbs?? - Steak day did nothing :(

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    Getting rid of holiday lbs?? - Steak day did nothing :(

    I finished my 4th round of P2 in mid-November at ldw 127.2 lb, I maintained within a couple of pounds all through Thanksgiving and Dec - had to do a couple of steak days and always got great results. Was holding pretty steady at 128.2 when I went home for Christmas. I tried to eat well most of the time when I was home, but I didn't have a scale and when I got back after a week I was up to 132.3. I did an egg day and went down to 131. My ideal weight is 125, but I told myself that I would let it rest for a couple of months (I hate doing P2 in the winter!) as long as I was under 130, so I did a steak day on Monday and had NO LOSS. I then followed it with a high protein day Tuesday and still NOTHING. I ate regular P3 (with dairy and nuts) on Weds and woke up today back at 131.8. If steak days aren't working I don't know how to get rid of these holiday pounds! I'm really not sure if I can mentally handle another P2 in the cold right now, but I feel like crap. Help? Any advice pretty please!

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    Hi, I'm sorry the steak day didn't work for you! I've had the same thing happen, and it's very discouraging, isn't it? I've tried several other correction days, but really found the best results with doing a couple high protein days or eliminating dairy/nuts/eggs for a few days. I'm well into P4, basically on maintenance now after completing Leptin Reset. My LIW first week of Oct 2010 was 127#. My weight this morning was 127.8#, so keeping track and nipping stuff in the bud totally works for me. Also, make sure you're drinking lots of water!! That also really helps keep things controlled for me.

    My issue with the conventional correction days is they provide only a temporary weight loss - it came right back within a day or two. Concentrating on protein for two or three days has a totally different affect on my body, and I drop up to a couple of pounds depending where my weight is. I came to despise the constant round of correction days, too - horrible way to live.


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