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Thread: Haven't Been on here in awhile and fell off...

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    Haven't Been on here in awhile and fell off...

    I did 1 round of HCG in march and went from 133 to 116. right now I am at about 121 and am struggling to get back down to 116. My problem? I can't stop eating carbs! I tried to do another round of HCG not that I wanted to but I couldn't get down there and each time I tried it I got extremely sick which is weird because I didn't get sick the first time. Need encouragement and help! I also started drinking diet pepsi again but now i'm thinking I should stop as I read quite a few articles about it making it difficult to lose weight, anyone have any experience with this?

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    Diet drinks are about the worse thing you could drink. IMO the sugar substitutes in them are 100X worse for your general health then sugar is.

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    You can't expect to keep the weight off if you go back to eating what got you there in the first place. Not sure why you get sick when you try the HCG again but you very well could be at a "healthy" weight, which means the HCG won't work for you anyway. Don't drive yourself nuts over those last 5 lbs, stress raises your cortisol which will make you gain weight.
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