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Thread: Hypothalamus?

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    Post Hypothalamus?

    Hey guys.

    -- How do you know when your hypothalamus resets? --
    --What does HCG fix in your body?--

    Asking because after going to an OB appointment and her seeing my past history they did thyroid bloodwork. Its the best its ever been since I was about 15-16 (ED started at 15). I was so happy reading my results last night. I am turning 22 this December.

    Before hcg I was constantly hungry and snacking the entire day. Had awful sugar rushes and binges.
    Now im not at all. Its been such an amazing experience and I'm happy I've been successful at keeping my weight as stable as I have throughout these 6 weeks. Highest I've been above my LIW was 2.2. For me its exciting because im used to constant, daily weight gain. Im eating about 1550 calories on weekends and roughly 1600-1900 on weekdays. Before I couldn't eat more than 400-500 without gains the next day no matter what I ate
    R2 ED recovery- 170
    Loading weight- 154
    Last day- 134 (No p3)

    R3 Loading 150.6
    Last day-127.4

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    that is great..

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    The benefit to the hypothalamus starts right away as it "rests" and it needs to rest a minimum of 23 days. What is also helping you most likely is your clean eating. Poor food choices cause inflammation which affects your thyroid. Keep up the good work!
    My expert Hcg Diet advice is based specifically on the original Simeons Protocol. Grammy's personal protocol:Grammy's Hcg Diet Protocol
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