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Thread: Working out p4 ??

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    Working out p4 ??

    I keep reading that people tend to gain when they start working out due to water retention etc.

    My question is does that weight you gain come off quickly? I want to start working out but I am scared- I don't want the scale to go up. If I know it will go back down I won't worry as much..Thanks!

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    If you gain muscle, your weight will go up, but you'll probably lose inches and firm up. It's hard to watch the scale go up but if you know it's muscle and not fat, it's easier to take.

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    im in the same boat. I started working out and my weight crept up like 1.4. It is driving me nuts. I have decided not to weigh everyday. Other wise I am going to go crazy. I know what foods like and don't like me so I will keep an eye on those. I weigh every other day or so.

    back again because of thyroid meds malfunction

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    I am 9 days into phase 4, I actually lost 9 additional pounds in phase 3. I started working out the last week of phase 3 and ever since then I've been stalled....for 10 days. Sooooo frustrating. I started thinking maybe I'm not eating enough, looks like my calories are around 1,200 a day. It's hard to figure out what to add without going crazy with dairy and fat, so I'm thinking I might just increase my protein. Maybe add some olive oil. Yesterday I did a steak day just hoping to break the stall and I lost one pound. So we'll see where it goes from here, I would like to lose the rest of my weight naturally without another round of hcg just because I was so horribly miserable during phase 2...like irritable to the point of wanting to murder someone..lol.


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