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Thread: P4 binge eating, HELP!

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    Unhappy P4 binge eating, HELP!


    I've been on P4 for around 4 or 5 weeks. I've been feeling so good, had so much energy. My weight has gone up a bit but I am not bothered as I have recently started lifting heavy weights and running around 6 days a week and I am still in my healthy weight range.

    The last few days however I begun falling into old binge eating habits: especially late at night, eating lots of sugar and starchy foods. I feel so unwell, depressed and out of control, and I don't know how to stop this cycle. I don't want to undo all the hard work I've done with HCG to conquer these awful, destructive behaviours.

    Any suggestions for getting back on track? Does fasting help?

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    I would probably just clean it up...I am not sure I would fast. It is best to change the behavior, so get back to p3. When I was in P4 for many years I just ate like p3 as i knew carbs and sugar were like a bad crack habit for me.

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    I have recently started lifting heavy weights and running around 6 days a week
    I suspect this is at least partially why you are are having the night eating problem. If you created a calorie deficit by adding the new workout and activity, your body is going to demand more. That can set up the carb cravings.

    Start right now to have protein with every meal. It may also help to have a small serving of a slow burning carb (beans, wholegrain, sweet potato, etc) with protein after your workouts.

    I don't think fasting is going to help you. Doing a steak day in P4 is still an option, but if the weight gain isn't from inflammation, it doesn't seem to work very well (at least for me). And fasting can set up even more cravings.

    It is tempting to try to cut back, but instead try to eat more veggies and healthy fats, always anchor with some protein, and eliminate sugar. If you are well fed, that is the best defense at cravings raising their ugly heads.
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    I absolutely agree with Leez and I like April's approach as well.

    I really love working out, but if I don't have enough calories throughout my day, I can tell because my body is sending me "eat that donut!" signals by nighttime. As Leez said, add a protein to each meal, ESPECIALLY breakfast, and after working out. You can also try adding a protein shake after your workout. If you have added more protein to your day, and you are still finding yourself with the munchies at night, then it may be a behavior issue and you can try reverting to P3 eating to cut the habits.

    More than likely though, it is your body not getting enough of what it needs, to keep up with your high level of activity.
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