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Thread: P90X Eating Plan Phase3/4

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    P90X Eating Plan Phase3/4

    I am not sure where to post this. I started P90X 4 days ago. It has an eating plan with it that equals to be about 50% protein, 30% carbs, and 20% fat. This is impossible to equal with the choices that they give you. I really haven't left phase 3. The only thing that I incorporated into my diet was a sweet potato, black beans, and a banana. Otherwise, I am eating in Phase 3. I was able to maintain my weight with that plan. I basically eat the exact same things on this P90X plan except I cut out the cheeses, almonds, almond butter, whole milk, etc. They want you to have low-fat cheese, skim yogurt, skim milk, egg whites, etc. This is causing my calories to go down as well. I used to eat 1800 calories a day with whole milk, 2% fage, almond butter, almonds, cheese, whole eggs, etc. I am now at 1200 - 1300 calories and actually gained two pounds. I am two pounds over where I should be. I am doing a steak day today, but am curious if I should just go back to P3 eating and get rid of the P90X diet plan?

    HCG says that you shouldn't diet if you don't want your metabolism to get compromised. Doesn't the P90X diet compromise my diet by making me do all "low fat" stuff?

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    I've done P90x and followed their eating plan in the fast. All I got was big man thighs and 3 extra lbs. I would stick to your current habits of full fat etc but up your calories.

    I think we have all learned that good fats are good for you!

    Good luck!

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    You rock! Thank you! I am going to wait until Friday to see what happens. My stomach seems slimmer today, but I did do a steak day I felt more confident on P3 then on this plan. They say you can only have 2 servings of veggies-get real! Thanks for the advice.

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    Glad you posted this topic! I do P90X bits at the gym, and love that intensity, but have feared the initial 2-3lb gain from muscle gain/water retention that I hear about. Let alone the complication with what calorie level, and what kind of percentages, what/if I shoudl use full fat dairy? etc...you have done good just seeing what your body does. to be honest, i think it's normal to adjust to a bit higher of a weight when you add exercise....even though traditionally if you workout and eat less you LOSE! I'm gonna be discovering the same thing fr myself next week when i reduce calories, and add in workouts. I can't wait to just tighten up! Have you heard of 'Eating Clean' or PrimaL? I used to do that....and it's basically eat as often as you're hungry, mostly veggies/some protein/nuts/fruit. I usually eat 1100-1200 and feel so FULL and satisfied/energized. Keep in touch!

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