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Thread: PHASE 4 -- How you doing?

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    I went Paleo.
    It is totally awesome.
    I have actually lost a little weight in-spite of my efforts to keep within the +-2lbs.
    At the moment I can not see how I could actually put weight on it if I stay on it.
    It requires change, but it is a good change.
    164cm - 36yo.
    start weight 62.3 kg 137lbs * BMI 23.42 * Goal weight 56kg
    VLCD31 END WEIGHT 57.2kg / 126lbs BMI 21.3
    weight lost 7kgs/15.5 lbs
    Cms lost on P2: 27cms/10inches
    Total cm lost inc P3: 35cms/13.7inches 55.5kg/122lbs BMI 20.7

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    Hey all - Just checkin in to say that things are still going great. HCG is the best! I've been in P4 for 2 months and haven't had a problem at all keeping my weight off. I'm still under my ldw. I limit my carb and sugar intake but do have some each and every day (some days more than others). I can't believe how well this has worked. My body seems to want to be at this new weight, which is a weight I've consistently struggled to maintain, even when I have a bad week. It's been so wonderful.

    Best of luck to all of you P4'ers!!
    P2 - Released 20.8 pounds
    P3 - Under LDW!
    P4 - Under LDW and doing great!

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    hey all, still going strong here toomaintaning a bit below my LIW..I think its 4 months? I can't remember! Anyway, good luck and keep going, its worth it!
    “Most things I worry about never happen anyway.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by UpNorthMom View Post
    Just a quick update that I'm still LOVING intermittent fasting to maintain my HCG LIW of 118 pounds! It is the easiest way of eating I have EVER done, and I feel so at peace. I actually get to live and eat like a normal person & NOT GAIN WEIGHT!!! If I combine 2 - 24 hour weekly fasts with "lean & green" eating I lose even more weight! But I like the LIW of 118, so I don't really need to lose more. But I could totally see how someone could lose a lot of weight (and fast) with IF'ing!!!! Yay!

    Just thought I would share...

    Thank you Erin. I noticed that my weight was creeping back up and had already done the research after I read your first post about IF. So I said to myself that it was time to try this. I had my breakfast yesterday morning and was done by 7:40 am, from there on it was just water all day long and green tea in the evening plus more water. Then breakfast again this morning at around 7:40. I lost the additional 2 lbs. I had gained and now I'm back on track and hovering at around 119lbs.. Woo Hoo!

    height: 5' 2.5" - PHASE 2- 10/16/2011 149.6 lbs
    Week 1-5 129.2 LIW 11/20/11

    P3 1-21: 126.4 -2.8 below LIW
    P4: 1-20: 125.8 -3.4 below LIW

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