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Thread: What to start eating after P3??? Tommorow starts Phase 4

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    What to start eating after P3??? Tommorow starts Phase 4

    Hi Everybody,
    Here is my situation. Since I have been starting P3 for a couple of days I have been eating eggs in the morning and chicken for lunch and dinner with with a couple of mini cucumbers. On the third day I was eating cottage cheese and add to my coffee whipping cream. for breakfast. Lunch and dinner was the same for the next couple of days. After the 5th day or so I noticed a increase in my weight of over 2 pounds and decided to do a steak day to correct this. I did drop 1.2 pounds after the steak day. I was unsure what was messing me up with the diet, the eggs or the cottage cheese so I decided for a couple of weeks to have no fruit. Just baked chicken for breakfast, chicken and cucumbers for lunch and big piece of salmon and cucumbers for dinner. Now that I am starting on phase 4 I am scared of what foods to take and to maintain my weight. Do you think it is ok to go back to the cottage cheese and some fruit with out gaining and what meal of the day can I take it??
    In the process of phase 3 I noticed I was having very few bowel movements. Sometimes nothing for 4 days. I did try the mirolax and durolax for a few days to get things moving but did not really help. Now I am trying Aloelax with fennel seeds but it doesnt seem to work all the time and I am not sure if it is a good idea to take it anyway. I have a thryoid issue that is probably not helping with doing phase 3 also. I really hope someone can guide me with what I should take so I don't gain weight to fast. Also any info on how to keep regular would be great especially if you have a thyroid issue. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Re: the thyroid issue - I would suggest going to the section of the forum that deals with health conditions.

    With everything else, I would say to add 1 new thing every few days. Weigh yourself every day. If you gain weight, take the addition out and try something else. It could be the dairy. A lot of people have issues with dairy. Maybe try adding different types of fruit first (not bananas or other starchy fruits just yet though). I would also add more veggies and see how that goes. It's always a good idea to experiment with fruit and veggies then move onto things like dairy and nuts.

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    Sam - are you currently taking probiotics of any kind? My Accuflora time-released probiotics helped me get off EVERYTHING else (after a lifetime of laxatives/fiber supplements/suppositories - you name it!). DD was having problems in P2 (she normally has NO elimination issues at all)- she took 2 probiotics last night - PROBLEM SOLVED!
    It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop.

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    Hey thanks Christy and HCGpro2 on the feedback. I will look into the Accuflora and I will start out slowly with some fruits and veggies. Any thoughts on what would make for a good breakfast???? I would really like to see what other members are eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.....especially meal planning. A good example is like for breakfast maybe cottage cheese. Do I go with cottage cheese that is regular or do I go with the low fat version??? If I have cottage cheese in the morning can I have whipping cream in my coffee also???? Is this to much dairy. Also what are your thoughts on Xylitol as a sweeter for coffee?? I currently use it but is it a problem to use??
    What is a good menu for lunch?? I am getting burnt out on baked chicken thighs and mini cucumbers. Also what you recommend for dinners? I have been eating 2 fish fillets (talipia) and more cucumbers.
    What would you recommend if you are travelling, what would you take with you???
    Thanks again.

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    Samba, it doesn't sound like you are eating very much. Often, eating too little in P3 causes a gain. If you had the cottage cheese for a few days before gaining, then that probably wasn't the issue. The same can be said for the eggs. And usually if you've used one type of dairy, it is okay to have other types of dairy...usually, but not always. Are you drinking plenty of liquid and eating plenty of vegetables to help avoid constipation?

    In P3, for breakfast I eat eggs (cheese and mushroom omelet, scrambled with vegetables, or in quiche with spinach, cream, gruyere and mushooms), cooked in butter, often with some bacon or homemade sausage or smoked salmon, and maybe a toasted buttered oopsie roll. I also have coffee with heavy cream. In P4, I change the heavy cream to half & half, and I change the oopsie roll to real toast. I probably won't have bacon or sausage in P4 except for rare occasions. And I drink a glass of raw milk most mornings with breakfast in P4.

    For lunch, I usually have a big cobb salad, made with lettuce, bacon, chicken, tomatoes, green onions, avocado and homemade blue cheese dressing. Or I'll have a tuna sandwich on oopsie rolls or tuna salad on a big vegetable salad or some homemade soup filled with vegetables and protein. P4 lunch isn't that different except I'm likely to use bread instead of oopsie rolls. And I might add some fruit.

    For dinner, I usually have some kind of meat (salmon, pot roast, chicken) with some mashed cauliflower (I add butter, cream and parmesan to make it delicious), and some spaghetti squash with a fresh tomato/basil sauce, or something similar. Usually, my basic dinner is meat, several servings of veg, and lots of added fat. In P4, I cut out some of the fat, I may add a starch (pasta, rice, potatoes) in place of one of the vegetables. And I may have dessert on occasion.

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    samba, I had issues my entire p2-p3 with not "going" in 28 days only went twice. used a natural vitamin, cascarda but it does come with cramps and you have to take it a couple days in a row. to get things going. I dont suggest
    using it if you have to work. or do it towards the weekend. after i slayed that beast i started the yerba mate tea, i also take probiotics but arent working at all! so again, this last week. no going for 7 days. so my first day of p4 i ate oatmeal with milk and cinnamon also had yerba mate mixed with smooth move tea (which didnt work for me at all before, think i was way to backed up for that) anyway, been going strong for 3 days. have eaten the oatmeal 3 days in a row. no gains!! in fact i had a 1.6 oz loss do to all the going. I've read that some people say chai tea works for them, which is what i also put in my yerba mate. forgot that part.
    I also agree with the others about you not eating enough food. anyway, i have said my piece, i hope works out for you!!

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    If you're constipated try Magnesium supplements, 250-500mg... works like a charm, and without causing cramps.


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