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Thread: Steak day once a week?

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    Steak day once a week?

    Hello! I'm in P3D27. I know people tend to only do P3 for 3 weeks but I've had to do a steak day once a week in order to stay in my 2 pound range. I was wondering if that's normal? I'm keeping a paleo life style now and don't ever plan on transitioning into "normal" eating again, but I would love to add sweet potato and the higher sugar fruits back again, but I'm worried if I can't stabilise in phase 3, there's no point in adding the extra stuff back.

    Has anyone experienced this?

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    I did in my third of four rounds when I had a lot of food sensitivity inflammation issues. I could never get back to my LDW range and ended up doing s steak day every week. I finally adjusted my LDW up by 3 lbs. which helped, but I wasn't at the weight I wanted to be, so I decided to do another round after my 12 weeks had passed. After the fourth round, I stabilized great in P3 where I only had to do one steak day. In P4 I still have to do a steak day if I try to get too adventurous and eat the wrong thing which will immediately cause a 2 lb. gain!!!

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    I don't see it as a bad thing. I assume you're testing foods carefully and learning which ones cause you to gain, so it's valuable feedback, and your weight goes down after a steak day

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