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Thread: True weight gain or water?

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    True weight gain or water?


    I want to know if these weight gains in P4 are really water wt gains or real mass wt gain? I have done 5 rds of HCG and each time I struggle in p3 & 4. This P4 I cannot stay under 120, due to this 1-2.5 gain every time in introduce anything new, which is why I have not eaten any new foods lately. I just want to stabilize around 118 but its not happening. I eat no high carbs, or sugar, do not overeat, I may even undereat calories, and I exercise by walking, squats, crunches several days a week. I just need to know that I am not gaining real weight.

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    Does it stop at the 1-2.5 pound spot or keep climbing? It's normal to gain a couple of pounds which is why we get the "cushion" of our LIW being the last day we took hcg. we typically lose another pound or two and gain that when we eat more food.
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    Its between 0.6-2.0. I dont let it go past 2 lbs, I'll do a chicken thigh day or steak day. I don't think steaks work anymore and I'm not fond of them right now.


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