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    Its been over 6 weeks since I've been here, wow how time flies.

    I have remained within .2-1.0 of my LIW, mostly right exactly on target, and occasionally back to LDW!! I am thrilled, never in my life after 6 weeks off of a diet have I been able to maintain. I don't feel deprived at all. After P3 I didn't entirely add everything back in. I keep sugar out of my diet as much as possible (amazing how many spices have sugar in them, and its amazing how I can taste the sweet, I immediately run to the pantry and check the label if my husband has seasoned the food and say "I knew it, SUGAR"!!)

    I keep carbs low because yes, I enjoy my beer... I drink Michelob Ultra at 2.6 grams of carbs. I have the occasional treat of chips and salsa maybe once in a 2 week period. I've had 1 chocolate chip cookie in 6 weeks, the craving was just horrendous so I did it, I told myself its ok, have it, and I think because I did, I no longer binge on stuff that gets the best of me. Haven't wanted or craved since. Deep fried food doesn't interest me in the least, or should I say stuff that is battered and fried because I do eat Chicken wings.

    I have not added the breads or pasta, and have had maybe a total of 3 tablespoons of rice in 6 weeks. I do eat asparagus and mixed greens (go figure, didn't think I could ever eat them again after R1 P1 lol) other veggies include green beans, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage etc. basically the low carb ones. leaving the starch out because as I mentioned before, I love my beer and happy hour where I live is a big part of our social life lol I don't weight or measure my protein, I eat what protein I want and as much as I want. I have added back butter and olive oil. I even went on a cruise within the 2nd week of P3 and maintained!!!! This resetting your metabolism is real, I'll admit I was skeptical, but it indeed does work. I've been a yoyo dieter since high school, by now I would have regained over half what I lost. It sure feels great to be able to bend over without my big fat belly getting in the way to put a leash on my dogs and take them for a walk.

    I will be doing R2 in May. I am actually looking forward to it. I would like to lose 30lbs, but will accept 20-25. (hubby said I look as if I am still losing, must be the redistribution or reshaping or what ever...) to be honest, 20 lbs will probably be fine, because this first 20 lbs looks more like 40!!! Why is that?

    This forum has been incredible, I couldn't have gotten here without it. I will be back and once at goal, I hope to be able to help others achieve what I have. I have to admit, it feels great to hear the compliments, and I want to help others hear those compliments as well.
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    What an encouraging report! Thank you so much for posting.

    I totally agree with you that it is astounding to be able to keep the lower setpoint HCG gives you. That is the real miracle of this protocol, in my opinion.

    It sounds like you have found your maintenance balance. You are way ahead of the game now as you prepare for your next round. I'm so happy for you!
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    Congrats on your fantastic results! I agree that it is amazing and wonderful to be able to eat great and real food to satisfaction and not put the weight back on. I also agree that it is amazing (and disgusting) just how much sugar sneaks into our food. I have become an avid label reader and have purged our pantry of anything that has sugar in it.

    Good luck on your next round. Keep us updated!

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