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Thread: Using hCG as a plateau buster for other eating protocols

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    Using hCG as a plateau buster for other eating protocols

    I am curious if anyone has tried to use hCG as a plateau buster for other programs. I am finishing R1P2 and have about 80+ more pounds to lose. I've done well but really just wanted to use this as a jump start to a Clean Eating (Tosca Reno) or Gillian McKeith's protocol (or some combination thereof). At this time, I'd like to do something a little slower paced and when I plateau on that, come back to hCG to bust the plateau.

    I would appreciate any thoughts, comments or feedback that anyone has.



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    I am switching back and fourth between paleo/ primal and HCG, basically.... I started out with HCG, then went paleo when going to Phase 3, and just stayed there. Now I will be paleo for app. 12-15 weeks on end, then when I hunger for quicker losses again, I am back to HCG for a short round.

    That said - anything that calls for whole grains would be a no-go in my book; bur primal/ paleo is an awesome approach to have slow losses and a happy and healthy lifestyle.


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