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Thread: Should I worry about this gain?

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    Should I worry about this gain?

    I did great in P.2 and got down to 236 LID. In P.3 I didn't try to lose any extra weight, but I continued to lose anyway. In fact, I only spent one day at 236, and went down to 235 the day after my last injection. For the last several days of P.3 I was at 229. I started P.4 last Friday, and now I'm back up to 233. I'm going back to my P.3 diet today, and will start adding carbs, etc. more slowly in another few days. My question is, do I need to worry about the weight I've gained so far, or is 236 still my set weight?

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    Seven pounds is a bit more than is safe to lose in P3, so I wouldn't count on keeping all of that additional loss. I'd go by your LIW weight as your set point. Its possible you might level out a bit below that, but no guarantees. You may find you have to do a few steak days for a couple weeks until you really settle in to a stable weight.

    Spending a bit more time in P3 is not a bad idea. It may help with stabilizing. You haven't really stabilized yet.

    I'm assuming you are planning more rounds, so its more important to find a stable weight than it is to try forcing your body to keep a big P3 loss.
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    Did you keep track of your weight every day in P3? Can you post the daily fluctuations of P3 here?

    I think if you spent the majority of P3 around 233-236 then you should consider 236 your set weight. If, however, you spent most of that time closer to 229, then I'd think you could knock a couple pounds off that LIW assuming it is relatively easy to keep in the lower range.

    Since you've gained 4 lbs since starting P3 a few days ago, you may have added some food that doesn't agree with your body or you may just have added starches back in too quickly. What have you added so far and in what quantity?

    Personally, I've found it works best for me to add starches very, very slowly. I might add 1/2 to 1 ounce of pasta one day or a couple tablespoons of sweet potato another day. It's worth taking it slow to give your body and your fluid levels time to adjust.

    I think your idea of going back to P3 for a couple days is a good idea, then pay attention to what happens with each new starchy food you add.

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    Thanks for the feedback, Leez and Jmmrr.

    Leez: I do intend to do another round, so I'll work on stabilizing.

    Jmmrr: I did keep a record, but I don't have it with me now. It was a steady decline, without a lot of fluctuation. I didn't mention in my original post that I had a bad cold/flu with three days of fever near the end of P.3, and didn't feel like eating for most of a week. Before that I was at about 232 or 233, if I remember right. This morning I was still at 233, which I took as a good sign.

    I'm okay at any of these weights, as long as I stabilize and don't continue to gain. I just wasn't sure if 236 was my set weight, or if I needed to do a steak day. It sounds like I just need to stay on P.3 awhile longer, and ease into P.4 more slowly. Thanks again for the advice and feedback.


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