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Thread: Down 16lbs in 14 days! I don't stay strict.. I've even been cheating... here's what

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    Talking Down 16lbs in 14 days! I don't stay strict.. I've even been cheating... here's what

    I tried everything! Weight Watchers, GM Diet, Working out everyday... you all know the drill... nothing would make me break the 180lb barrier. I've been so miserable that sometimes I would cry. I did my two load days right before New years day. I started on the VLCD on New Years Day.

    I'm down 16lbs as of this morning! I started at 190lbs... I am 174 today!

    I have drank wine a couple of days out with friends. Had vodka and water this weekend at a boat show.

    I mix my vegetable and have breakfast. If I get hungry, I chop up a tomato, 2 celery stalks, and 2 cups spinach and stir fry it with cumin, mustard, and cayenne pepper. It is only about 45 calories and makes a plate of food! For breakfast I have a tomato, 1 celery stick, 2 ounces of chicken, and 2 cups romain lettuce... only around 110 calories and its a huge bowl. I put seasoning, apple cider vinegar and mustard.

    Another trick if you are hungry is PICKLES! I eat lots of pickes! I don't limit myself on them.

    Also... I heat up fat free chicken broth and put in chopped celery to add bulk.

    I do the drops every two hours and I eat 15 minutes after I do drops... this way I am never hungry and always know that I have food coming!

    When I knew I was going to be gone all day.... I bought a pound of peel and eat shrimp and ate those all day out of small cooler along with pickles and celery. I didn't count the calories because I was too busy. I still lost over a pound the next day.

    Feel free to contact me for support or to share ideas!

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    I don't get how you do it! I added jalapeño peppers to my lettuce and chicken breast and I have stalled! I guess it depends on the person, but wow! I am impressed! I won't try it cause even a small stall has my head all messed up. I think I won't ever lose again! I can't imagine doin all you do!

    Good for you tho! Glad you have much success!

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    Please keep in mind this isn't a diet. To paraphrase Grammy: "This is a hormone protocol and cheating will trigger the wrong hormonal response." Trying to "trick" your hunger is counter productive. If your dose is right you'll have little to no hunger. Just because you're losing weight doesn't mean you're losing the right kind of fat. When you follow the hcg plan and are taking the correct dose, you will lose abnormal fat and reset your hypothalamus. Otherwise you're just on a low calorie diet and will regain the weight when you go back to eating more calories. Everyone is free to do this program as they choose, but new people should be aware this isn't the correct way to do the hcg protocol.
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    Wow Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I am new to this forum and HCG and i truly do love the information you shared. Thanks, Anna

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    Glad you're excited and losing weight!

    I'm not very familiar with the Alternative Protocol, seeing that I have only done Dr. Simeon's Protocol (or the original HCG). I know that mixing vegetables during the VLCD is "okay" in the AP, and there are a few more food options, but I do not think your methods and foods follow either protocol--especially the alcohol.

    I know on some diets little "cheat meals" are acceptable or can easily be fixed, but it can really mess up your weight loss during HCG (not trying to scare ya there, but it's true). While if you slip up once or twice, that's okay...but don't make it a frequent thing. HCG is supposed to cleanse and detox you, and it's only for a short period, too. Hoping for the best in your health journey!

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