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Thread: Before and after 2 rounds, 90lbs gone!!!!!!

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    you look seriously amazing! i am 225 and a sz 16-18, i cannot wait to be able to be out of the "plus" range and hopefully be able to fit into some designer jeans! whoop! emotional eating is my thing too, hopefully after this i can be an emotional exerciser instead lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom2gbsb View Post
    Awesome SAAngel!! Indeed you are an inspiration. I too am using homeopathic and was told you can do extended rounds, you will get some who disagree but your results certainly proved it true. I guess it can vary from person to person. But in addition to doing the extended rounds, did you do both a P3 an a P4? I must be honest, I am on Round 2 and although I successfully did P3, I did not do a P4, I jumped right back into Round 2 and so far down 12.5 with no regrets. I do plan to extend this round pass 42 days maybe to 60 days and then do a 6 week break. Please let me know if you did P3/P4. Meanwhile AWESOME JOB - YOU INSPIRE US ALL!!

    I did both P3 and P4, did 8 weeks in total both times, 3 weeks of P3 and the rest P4 ,even tho I ate P3 for the most part, discovered through P4 that my body doesn't like processed carbs ( white bread, white pasta, white rice etc) so ate P3 most of the time.

    am now slowly adding back gym into my routine too, going back home to South Africa in October for 2 months and need to be beach ready!!!!!

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    So inspiring!! Okay I am extending my Round 2 with the hopes of reaching 165-170 then proceed to P3/P4. My intentions were to end Round 2 on August 23rd - but I think I will ride it out to September 28th bc I really want to knock off another 25-30 pounds and between now and 9/28/2012 I should be able to lose another 25 if I can consistently lose 1/2lb daily - currently I am averaging .78lb daily. Then I will do P3 and then P4 - bc I never did P4 before. Give my body a break. Then back to losing the rest. I had hopes of completing 2012 under 145 - we shall see.
    Round 1 5/1/2012 (225) End Weight: 198.2
    Round 2 7/17/12 (204.5) End Weight: 181
    Lowest weight May 2014 - 175.2
    2014-2017 returned to bad habits and regained everything!!

    **2017** Restarted 8/28/17 (236)

    Doing RX lozenges 250iu ...so far great dose for my body
    My goal weight is 155 by June 2018

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    What an inspiration!
    Thank you for sharing your story and your photos.
    You have done really well and all your hard work has paid off with excellent results!

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    you look AMAZING. thank you so much for posting.
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    How impressive! How much did you lose on r1? R2?
    You are a true inspiration!
    Thank you for sharing your story!
    HW: 226 (after load = 232)
    R1: -13.6 Lbs.= 212.4 LDW
    R2: -7.8 Lbs. = 204.6 (after load = 211)
    R3: - 4.1 Lbs. = 199.7 LDW
    TOTAL LOSS: 27.1 Lbs.

    R2 Phase 4
    Current Weight: 203.2
    Next goal: To keep the weight off and to lose a minimum of 10 Lbs!

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    You look awsome, good job. Can I ask you what foods did you lose best with? Did you do anything else with the diet? like excersize or walk? Congratulations!

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    Wow, girl! You look absolutely fabulous! And you're such an inspiration!
    You should be very, very proud of yourself!

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    congrats! you look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You look so great, congrats! What HCG product did you use? Hope I can do absolute weight loss too!

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    One word..... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! You look awesome and are truly inspiring!

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