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Thread: 22lbs in 28 Days - Only eating CHICKEN

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    22lbs in 28 Days - Only eating CHICKEN

    Hey guys, I've been following this site since I started on 12/08. I was really worried how I would do since I've NEVER eaten any vegetables and the only fruit I eat is an occasional apple. I literally live on meat, potatoes and rice.

    I started at 193 and am down to 171 after 28 days.

    Daily diet:
    4-6oz chicken for lunch and same for dinner
    Organic Strawberry Fruit Strip for snack
    10 Calorie Jello for snack
    64 - 100oz of water every day
    I also take a vegetable vitamin supplement daily.

    Just want to let everyone know it can still be done eating only chicken!!!

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    So you aren't eating any fruits or veggies at all? I've never heard of anyone doing it this way. That's awesome that you're successful without having to eat foods you don't like. I myself am not a huge fan of raw or barely cooked veggies that aren't covered in some kind of salad dressing or sauce or cheese or something yummy. Don't you get super hungery without the extra food? I'm intruiged...
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    Actually I've heard of similar menus. Some people have done chicken/fish and egg whites. With virtually no fruits or veggies. Sounds like my kind of menu.
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    Thats good to know. Thanks for posting.

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    I kind of do the same thing

    For some reason I can never seem to get all of the food in! My menu typically looks like this:

    breaktfast:bottle of water and a multivitamin, sometimes I take 5 psyillium husk caplets if I am hungry and it fills me up

    Snack:1 tomato or a handful of grape tomatoes
    Lunch: 4oz steak, tuna with hot sauce, chicken, or lean ground beef
    Dinner 1 orange one piece of Melba toast
    Snack: 1 orange one piece of melba toast

    I rarely can get the other veggie or protein in....hopefully I am not destroying myself here but as of yesterday VLCD9 I was down 15lbs. I also ALWAYS drink all of my water!
    I am just waiting for the big stall day to come... I know it is around the corner!

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    How would you do by not eating any vegetables and fruits? I can't imagine a diet without veggies.


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