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Thread: 22lbs lost in first 9 days, +6 for last 22. What's going on???

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    22lbs lost in first 9 days, +6 for last 22. What's going on???

    First 9 days were great - 1.5-7lbs per day, average just over 2/day. Strictly complied with diet plan (500cal).

    Day 10-13 Weight -.5, +.5, -.5, +.5 respectively for a NET of zero (0) additional loss for previous 4 days. Still strictly complied with diet plan (500cal). Day 10, though, was fist day on "new" batch of injections. Asked Dr for what to do. He said to eat only apples (4-5) for a day to break a plateau then back to diet. So, Day 13 was an Apple Day.

    Day 14, loss 3lbs. Yippee - so I thought. Went back to 500/cal diet
    Day 15, gained 2.5lbs. Maintained diet
    Day 16, gained an additional 1lbs. Tried another Apple Day (on Day 17)
    Day 17, loss 2lbs. Back to diet
    Day 18, gained 3lbs. Dr away on 2 weeks holiday from Day 17, so no advice available. Day 18 I tried yet another apple day.
    Day 19, gained 2lbs
    Day 20 to 22 seesaw continues with increasing weight gain rather than NET 0 or loss.

    Dr not available for at least another 7 days and no-one else in office will answer questions. I'm at a complete loss and nothing I've found on-line sounds even remotely similar. I've been following the 500cal diet plan strictly, with the exception of the Apple Days, but seem to be going backward. I'm almost convinced he gave me Saline for the last 21 injections instead of the HCG as this weight behavior looks suspiciously like what I've heard about the Phase 3, transition, stage.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Personally, I wouldn't do apple days. If you suspect your hcg isn't real, you can test the solution with a pregnancy test strip to see if it's positive for hcg.
    Are you hungry on the days you're following protocol? Are you following Dr. S.'s Pounds and Inches original food protocol?

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    apple days are just water weight loss. They are useless and you really shouldn't be doing them every other day like that. I would suspect your batch of hcg though since the problem started with that. Get a pregnancy test and squirt some solution on it to test it.
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    I'm strict too and having the same issues as the poster... kinda frustrated

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    To me, it kind of looks like you had a typical and expected stall, but then messed everything up by following the doctor's advice to do apple days so you're body is having a difficult time getting back to losing after the stall would have normally broken by itself. I'm sorry that happened.

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