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Thread: I am back after 6 years!

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    I am back after 6 years!

    Hi all! I just wanted to write something up about my experience with HCG.

    I started HCG 6 years ago to the date. I was very heave, tipping the scales at 322 pounds. I am tall, at 5'8, but I was so heavy that I could barely fit into the largest size sold at Layne Bryant. I decided to try HCG and see where it lead me. I told a total of 3 rounds separated by 6 months each. I lost a total of 153 pounds. HCG helped me tremendously. It allowed me to lose weight, but it taught me control. I kept that weight off and even lost more just by eating right. Yes, it took years, but I did it!

    My life changed so much and I got married in December 2015! However, my scale started creeping up with all the dinners, drinks, and romantic nights. We like to eat! I am now up 34 pounds. I started my newest round of HCG on Saturday and so here I go again.

    I just wanted to share my little story because life happens! I am ready to get back down to 169 pounds! I will share some photos of my journey.


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    I wish the people that opt for weight loss surgery could hear your testimony and see that there is a better way out. You have an amazing story. Even though you had a recent setback, you might be able to lose that 34 pounds in one round. Here's to great success on that.

    I celebrate the miracle of HCG with you. It's been my miracle as well.
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    That is so awesome! What a wonderful story!
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    Thank you for sharing this it is so inspiring

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    Way to go Mrsburns. Love your story and you will get that weight off before you know.

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    ROCKSTAR!! So awesome for you

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    Wow! Great success. Congrats and thanks for sharing.
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    Great story! Very inspirational. That's the time to catch the scale before it gets out of hand again. Beautiful pictures!!
    Hi everyone. I'm new here but not new to hcg. Please feel free to send me a message and say hi. I love to talk to people and share success stories! I'm hear to learn and encourage people! I've lost 30 pounds and I'm currently using Homeopathic Hcg. This has changed my life.

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    Amazing! I look forward to hearing more about how you're progressing!

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