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Thread: Checking in after a year off of hcg

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    Checking in after a year off of hcg

    Hello. I wanted to come back on here to update the last year since my last round. Here is my old post: http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...wn-7-go-50552/ I had gone from 301 pounds to 195, stabilizing at 203. I tend to stabilize 5 or so pounds higher than my LIW. Anyway, the last round I was on was in April 2012. Jump a year ahead and I gained 18 pounds. I had stayed between 203-208 until Christmas 2012 when I just gave in to some old eating habits, letting myself eat carbs and drinking wine 4-5 times a week. I still stayed away from processed sugar, but started to eat processed flour goods like pretzels, crackers etc. So it was inevitable that I gained those 18 pounds back. I think it was mostly by having those carbs with fat, like cheese and crackers.

    I decided to do a 23 day round, started March 30th, to get back to below 210. I am almost there. I will probably do another round in the summer time to get back to 195 where I feel really comfortable at.

    I am hoping that I can keep my weight stable without doing a "maintenance round" once a year. We will see. I do plan on starting to go to the gym after this round. I haven't been for 4 years. I believe that exercising will help keep me at my stabilized weight.

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    Good for you for getting your weight down! I am sure you will be successful. Don't minimize the progress you have achieved already.
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