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Thread: Encouragement for those with a lot of weight to lose

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    Hey there Momof3g... welcome... I too just restarting... trying to find a thread that is active to keep me motivated....
    Love your quote... kinda like what a music professor told me long ago... "If your going to make a mistake make it big... only way to learn from it"
    I have done both... Made BIG mistakes.. and also never quit..
    Hang in there.. Good Job on 3.2 lbs... keep it up ..

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    Thank you for sharing!!! Im feeling unsure when i woke up...i need a "can-do" stories. cheers!

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    Encouragement for those with a lot of weight to lose

    I've received SO much knowledge from this forum, so I love giving back. By the time this year ends, I will have lost over 100 pounds. I know it's frustrating just starting out. Just keep your head down and trust the process. The weight will come off. This is the most amazing protocol I've ever been on and that includes when I lost a little over 80 lbs on Atkins a long time ago.

    Another thing. Ginger and apple cider vinegar (with the "mother" in it) is a wonder tonic to prevent nausea, especially during loading days. I wish I knew that during my first two rounds!

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    Hello all, i am here with 100 pounds to lose...Ive been struggling for a longto get this off....lost about 57 a few years ago on HCG and then didn't reenter correctly so gaine some of it back, still 25 pounds down from my all time high....2017 will be the year!

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    round 4, phase 3, injection
    I'm getting ready to start a third round and needed some encouragement. Thank you all for sharing your stories. If all goes according to plan I should be at my goal weight for the first time since preteen years. I am just a tad apprehensive getting started.

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    not sure what round, but in P2, doing SQ injections
    You helped me through my first rounds back in 2009. I understand your comments about trying to re-do some of those loses. I don't have the medical issues some of you have, I just like to eat. In 2009, I lost 70 # and about 70 inches. Went from 225, size 20 to 155, size 10. Kept most of the weight of until 2014, when I retired, quit smoking, had hubby diagnosed with cancer. Gained most of the weight back. Started latest round on Valentines Day, dropped 18 # in Round 1, with lots of cheating. So far, I've stabilized and am waiting for my 6 weeks to be up so I can start my next round. Good luck to you on your journey and thanks for reposting.

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